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Best Creatine For Glute Growth (2024) Budget, Gummies, & More

Why would you want bigger glutes? Because having a flat butt doesn’t look good on anyone, and sculpting a well-shaped...

Why would you want bigger glutes? Because having a flat butt doesn’t look good on anyone, and sculpting a well-shaped butt will make you instantly sexier. While training plays the star role in building the dream shape, it's only part of the battle, and the other part is nutrition.

Creatine is one of the finest supplements available, producing proven results in improving muscle size and strength, making it a perfect addition to your supplementation in the quest for a sexy back end.

I've compiled a list of high-quality creatines to choose from, spare you endless research through the sea of options on the market, and avoid spending money on useless powders or overpaying for unnecessary ingredients.

Best Creatine For Glute Growth

Lift Big Eat Big 100% Pure Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate

Lift Big Eat Big Creatine For Glute Growth


  • 100% pure creatine monohydrate proven by Certificate of Analysis.
  • Completely flavorless, unlike other brands that have a sour taste even in unflavored options.
  • Free shipping in the USA.


  • It will take longer to ship than if you buy from Amazon or pick up something locally.

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Creatine is a simple yet highly effective substance on its own. This is why I prefer the purest form of creatine monohydrate with no additives.

This guiding principle has made Lift Big Eat Big Creatine my favorite product, and I believe it can be yours, too.

The most reassuring proof is the Certificate of Analyses, which demonstrates the purity of the product and the absence of unnecessary fillers.

The Lift Big Eat Big uses the purest brand, Creapure®, which is 99.9% pure % [1][2] and is considered by many to be the golden standard.

If you buy cheap creatine from sites like Amazon, you can get something that isn't as clean or contains unwanted components.

Only a few brands, like LBEB, will present their report cards. For example, just 8% of creatine supplements on Amazon have been tested [3].


Lift Big Eat Big contains only creatine, with no flavorings or additives. It is simply a natural substance enhancing strength, power, endurance, and muscle mass.

The supplement also provides excellent value for money. A single container has 50 scoops and costs $39.99, or 80 cents for each dose.

If you order three containers at once, you will spend $99 for 150 scoops, or 66 cents per serving, with free shipping in the United States, making the price quite competitive with other high-quality alternatives.

If you want a simple creatine supplement in its purest form, I strongly recommend you try LBEB.

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Best Runner-Up Creatine For Glute Growth

Legion Recharge Post-Workout

Legion Recharge For Glute Growth


  • Third-party tested for purity.
  • Naturally flavored and sweetened.
  • Tastes delicious.
  • L-carnitine and L-tartrate aid muscle recovery and battle fatigue.


  • This is a post-workout supplement, unlike pure creatine, which you can take at any time of day mixed with other beverages.

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Although I prefer pure creatine monohydrate, some products include beneficial additives and make the product more appealing for some. This is the case with the excellent Legion Recharge.

Legion Recharge meets the most important criteria: it contains 5 grams of pure, third-party-tested creatine per serving, which is all you need to boost your booty-building efforts.

This powder is manufactured in the United States in NSF-certified, FDA-inspected, and GMP-compliant facilities.

Legion Recharge is available in delicious, naturally flavored and sweetened flavors. The taste can make taking creatine a post-workout treat.

The combination of L-carnitine and L-tartrate is what sets Legion aside from pure creatine monohydrate supplements.

L-carnitine has been shown to reduce muscle soreness after a workout, which can help you train more frequently [4]. L-tartrate also helps with exercise fatigue and muscle weakness.

So, if you want extra help in addition to creatine, Legion Recharge is an excellent workout supplement.

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Best Budget Creatine For Glute Growth

Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate

Nutricost Budget Creatine For Glute Growth


  • Amazing value, given the quality.
  • Both flavors taste delicious.
  • Natural flavoring and sweetener.


  • A flavored dose contains 2 g of additives.

===>Check Latest Nutricost Creatine Deals<===

Nutricost makes one of the most popular creatines, thanks to its excellent value. This product is manufactured in an NSF-certified facility and evaluated by a third party, ensuring purity.

In addition to the standard unflavored creatine, you may select two flavors, which I've tried and enjoyed. Another advantage of Nutricost creatine is that it comes in larger tubs of 77, 100, or even 200 doses, allowing you to stock up for months.

This solid creatine package is available at a surprisingly low cost of $0.35 per serving for the flavored version and $0.18 for an unflavored 100-serve tub.

Few companies equal this price, so if you are a student or anyone else on a tight budget, Nutricost can be the best creatine to buy.

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Best Flavored Creatine For Glute Growth

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB

Transparent Labs Creatine


  • Informed sports tick means each batch is tested for banned substances.
  • There are various delicious tastes available.
  • HMB and BioPerine may increase gym results in the long run.


  • Twice as expensive as other alternatives.

===>Check Latest Transparent Labs Creatine HMB Deals<===

Transparent Labs is a high-quality creatine monohydrate supplement, but it also contains other substances, such as HMB and BioPerine, which have shown potential in increasing gym performance.

HMB is a controversial supplement, but many believe it may slow down muscle breakdown and lead to muscle growth in the long run. This is great for glute growth, but the claims remain unproven [5].

One dose of Transparent Labs Creatine HMB contains 5 g creatine monohydrate, 1.5 g HMB, 5 mg BioPerine, and 500 IU vitamin D per dose.

Its benefits include third-party testing certification (informed sport tick), which confirms that each batch is devoid of prohibited ingredients, and a clear Certificate of Analysis and Composition.

As a result, athletes can use it without the risk of failing a competition drug test.

Transparent Labs creatine is also available in a range of outstanding tastes. The downside to all of these advantages is that it is more expensive than other creatine supplements, costing $1.67 per serving.

Despite the expensive cost, the product is a fantastic choice for competitive athletes or recreational fitness enthusiasts willing to pay more for the extra potential benefits.

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Best Creatine Gummies For Glute Growth

Novomins Creatine Gummies

Novomins Creatine Gummies For Glute Growth


  • 2 gummies provide the 5 g of daily creatine.
  • Only 12 calories.
  • 45 servings in a container, unlike other gummies that contain less than a month's supply.


  • Maltitol is used as a sweetener, and even the 12 calories may dissuade people who want pure, no-nonsense creatine.

===>Check Latest Novomins Creatine Gummies Deals<===

I usually don't recommend creatine gummies, but Novomins changed my mind, and I can't deny it's a more enjoyable way of taking creatine than mixing a tasteless powder.

Novimins solve several of the typical issues with creatine gummies. First, unlike other brands, Novomins requires only two gummies to provide 5 grams of creatine.

Another common concern is that gummies include a lot of sugar and other unwanted substances. Maltitol is used as a sweetener in this product, which helps to keep calories low.

Novomins gummies are sugar, gluten, and GMO-free.

Another advantage of Novomins over other brands is that each box contains 45 servings.

Novomins creatine gummies are ideal for those who are constantly on the move, are bored of mixing powder, and want to try something new. I think many ladies interested in sculpting their glutes will love these gummies.

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Best Bulk Purchase Creatine For Glute Growth

Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate

Bulk Supplements Creatine For Glute Growth


  • Amazing value when buying in bulk.
  • Lab-tested clean creatine monohydrate.


  • To offer such a low price, Bulk Supplements are saving on packaging, and if you buy a big resealable bag, you will need to move the contents to a better container.

===>Check Latest Bulk Supplements Creatine Deals<===

Bulk supplements, as the name implies, offer big containers at a significant discount.

The company began by selling to businesses but has since expanded to include end customers, which was welcome news for budget-conscious individuals. 

The more you buy, the cheaper it is. You can choose from a 100-gram test pouch to a massive 5-kg bag, enough for three years of daily creatine consumption.

Even at 500 g, the pricing is relatively low, but if you buy the biggest option, the deal is absurd. The 5 kg bag will cost you $145, or $0.15 per serving.

Suspiciously low prices typically imply poor quality or another potential red flag with the product.

However, Bulk Supplements is NSF certified, and FDA registered as a cGMP production and distribution facility, so you know you're getting a quality supplement.

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How To Pick The Best Creatine For Cutting


Purity is essential for any creatine supplement, whether you are a competitive athlete or a recreational lifter.

All of the products worth your money have undergone some type of third-party testing, and in ideal cases, you can see a certificate or a batch from a trusted institution.

The purest type of creatine, Creapure, has been tested and found to contain 99.9% creatine monohydrate. Lift Big Eat Big is my favorite creatine because it uses this type, but all of the brands on this list are excellent creatine supplements.

Always check for report cards, informed ticks, or third-party testing logos, and buy from reputable companies to avoid throwing money to the wind.


I recommend only one type for glute growth, and that's creatine monohydrate. It has been tested more than any other supplement and has been used for decades, so there aren't any unknowns regarding effectiveness and side effects. 

However, at least a dozen other forms of creatine are frequently advertised as innovative or superior.

Unsurprisingly, none of these so-called novel creatine types has been proven to work better than monohydrate, but I can assure you all of them are more expensive[8].

‌Powder vs. Capsules vs. Gummies

Capsules are convenient for travel but costly for daily use. To reach the required 3-5-gram dose, you must consume several capsules, which might be expensive and hard on the stomach.

Powder is the most cost-effective and convenient for daily use. It's less expensive, and one pouch lasts longer. Mixing it with a drink makes ingesting the appropriate amount in one serving easy.

Gummies are typically not optimal because they contain additional components such as sugar or other sweeteners, are more expensive, and require many gummies to meet the required daily dose.

However, some products, like Novomins, address most of these issues and are a delicious and convenient way to take creatine.


Aside from its effectiveness, creatine is also reasonably priced. Buying unflavored creatine in larger containers is affordable even for a student's budget, costing around $0.20-0.30 per serving.

The more expensive creatines usually contain additional ingredients or flavors, which are nice but can easily be done without. 

How To Take Creatine For Glute Growth

There are two approaches to taking creatine for muscle growth, including the glutes. The methods are loading and non-loading.

The loading method involves consuming 20 grams of creatine daily for the first six days to quickly saturate the muscles with creatine.

This is usually done in four 5-gr doses spread throughout the day to avoid stomach issues. After this period, you should consume 3-5 grams daily to maintain the optimal muscle creatine level [9].

The other method I recommend for most people is skipping the loading phase and taking 3-5 g of creatine per day. This approach will let you reach optimal muscle saturation and effect in about a month [9].

Use the non-loading method unless you really need fast results.

The specific time of day when you take creatine is irrelevant. There may be some minimal benefits to taking it after training, but the information is not clear.

What's most important is maintaining creatine levels in the muscle through daily intake. Take creatine at the time of day when it's most convenient for you. For me, this is in my post-workout protein shake.  

Frequently Asked Creatine For Glute Growth Questions

Does Creatine Make Your Glutes Bigger?

Creatine cannot make your glutes bigger in itself, but it can be very beneficial toward this goal. Creatine enhances muscle strength and size by regenerating one of the main fuel sources for the muscles, ATP.

Through this effect, creatine can help you do more reps in glute-building all-star exercises such as the barbell squat and hip thrusts, which, in the long run, will improve the rate at which your glutes grow.

What Creatine Is Best For Glute Growth?

Creatine monohydrate is the most effective, tested, and affordable creatine type. As far as brands go, each of the options on this list is a solid choice and will help you sculpt your butt in addition to proper training and nutrition.

Can You Grow Glutes Without Creatine?

You can absolutely grow glutes without creatine. However, using it will increase the effectiveness of your efforts and allow you to achieve the desired results quicker.

Is Creatine Effective For Women?

Creatine is equally effective for men and women. Creatine supplementation may even be more beneficial for women since many are not in the habit of eating a lot of meat and fish, the only places you can get creatine outside of supplements.


Lift Big Eat Big is my choice for the best creatine for glute growth because it provides the purest creatine without any unnecessary fillers.

But there are other worthy contenders on the market, such as Legion Recharge with added L-carnitine, the budget-friendly Nutricost and Bulk supplements products, or the tasty and convenient Novomins gummies.


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