XMARTIAL was established in 2016 as a passion project and aims to provide a home for Martial Arts athletes to shop confidently for quality gear and unique designs at reasonable prices. Now, as our company has grown, XMARTIAL has become much more involved in the community and has been giving back by sponsoring athletes of all levels.

We exist to serve people who work hard to be the best that they can be, and we always need talented people who want to be part of our future success.

  • Competitive pay and freedom of remote work

  • Becoming a part of the fastest-growing MMA brand

  • You will learn and grow as a person and professional

  • Fast role growth and pay raise and bonuses

  • Trips and VIPs

  • Connections in the MMA World and Beyond

  • We are a group of passionate martial artists looking to expand

  • Self driven and ambitious person

  • Willing to tackle problems beyond their expertise and solve them

  • Willing to invest in the company and its growth by putting in extra work and research

  • A few years of martial arts training in BJJ, Muay Thai or MMA

Note: Only jobs available are for upper management positions with excellent growth potential and departments that are being built.

  • Speed & Efficiency: Everything can be done faster.

  • Improvement: You must show improvement. Everything can be done better.

  • Discipline: Do the boring work and pay attention to details. Every detail must be followed. 

  • Communication: We need to know what you think, and you must work with your team as well as our partners and customers.

  • Proactivity: Self-management and moving to the next step

  • Marketing Manager (Strategist)
  • Executive assistant with sales and marketing background

  • SEO Wizard Consultant
  • Bookkeeper
  • HR & Administrative Trainee

    Please reach out if you want to be part of our success story!