(Compression) Spats Shorts

(Compression) Spats Shorts

Spats Shorts (Compression shorts) are perfect for MMA and BJJ players who prefer lighter and sleeker shorts that allow maximum mobility and breathability.

All of XMARTIALS spats shorts are made from the same 4 ways stretchable, 100% polyester fabrics that our full-sized BJJ pants are made of, but shorter. These are perhaps the most comfortable BJJ pants, and the shorter version is perfect for hotter summer days, MMA competitions, and wrestling.

Compression and spat shorts are used by athletes to enhance recovery and performance for their specific sports. These spandex-like shorts can also be used by people who work out or go for longs runs. This is because of the stretchy nature of the shorts. It should provide pressure to the areas that it covers, keeping your muscles warm and loose.

If you are a serious athlete or just someone who wants to stay fit, you will definitely benefit from a good pair of spat shorts. Nothing is better than training in comfort and style, everything we have for you!

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What do compression shorts do

Compression and spat shorts have been a widely used piece of training apparel for the past decade. And for good reason. It mainly aids in the recovery process so athletes can train harder and train often. It also gives full range of motion when doing movements and techniques. It is no wonder you see your favorite professional BJJ and MMA fighters wear sponsored spat shorts during their fight.

Here is a list of the benefits offered by using our compression shorts


  • Reduced muscle fatigue - helps you train longer
  • Strain prevention - Keeping those injuries in check
  • Lower risk of muscle soreness - Amazing for athletes who train daily
  • Enhanced Muscle oxygenation - improving athletic performance during short spurts
  • Prevents Chafing - Great for long, intense endurance sessions
  • Groin support - Can be used as a support for your athletic cup

Our Spats shorts Material

Our spat shorts are made of moist-wicking and breathable material for superior comfort during all your workouts. The fabric is durable and flexible, perfect for any type of combat sport that you choose. As a fighter, you need something that will last through the years. Our compression shorts are guaranteed to keep you company, even during the harshes of training sessions.

Custom Designs Spats Shorts

We have an actively rotating collection of spat shorts to choose from. Each of our designs is handpicked by our professional team who have a true passion for martial arts. This ensures that you get to choose from the most popular and well-known designs on the market today. Training or competition, our shorts will definitely serve their purpose as an asset to your martial arts journey!

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