BJJ & MMA Shorts

BJJ & MMA Shorts

XMartial BJJ Shorts Collection, where durability meets style and comfort gets a comedy upgrade!

Crafted for those who demand resilience without sacrificing flair, our shorts are so tough, they might just outlast your gym membership. But don't let their durability fool you; these shorts are all about style. They're designed to make your opponents stop and stare – and not just because you've got them in a chokehold. And comfort? We've got that in spades. Our PJJShorts are so comfy, you'll forget you're not in your pajamas – until you throw that first kick. So, gear up, crack a smile, and let your PJJShorts add a punchline to your workout – because who says you can't be the toughest and the funniest in the room? Made with the best durable material to withstand the toughest training conditions. In our BJJ and MMA shorts we have added technologies to improve comfort and fit. Buy confidently with our 1 year warranty and 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Xmartial offers top-quality shorts for BJJ, Muay Thai shorts, and MMA shorts that are durable but maintains a high level of comfort. We also offer top-quality BJJ compression shorts and MMA compression fight shorts that look good and feel even better, especially when used during your hardest training sessions. Don't miss out on getting the best MMA shorts money can buy to fuel that fire in you!

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MMA Shorts Design and Build

At Xmartial, we provide you with a wide array of designs to choose from. We know what you want when buying MMA shorts and BJJ shorts, and we have exactly what you are looking for.

When we wanted to design the best MMA short on the market, we had 3 things in mind: durability, comfort, and style. Our MMA shorts are made to withstand the toughest training, crafted with the finest materials to serve you for years.

Our graphics are fully sublimated so you don’t need to worry about it cracking or peeling over time. Our MMA shorts will look the same way you bought them even after months and even years after you bought them.

We didn’t compromise one bit when it comes to comfort. An anti-slip gel panel that we added to the design helps to keep the shorts in place when being pulled by your opponent. An inside draw-string adds to this quality and secures the shorts even more. Moreover, the pants are sweat-wicking to keep you dry, and your mobility is guaranteed as our shorts have a split seam on the outer perimeter and a multi-flex pane in the groin area.

Size Guide

Our No Gi BJJ Shorts and MMA shorts are catered to all heights, sizes, and weights. Please refer to our size chart found in every product description for more information. Most shorts are available for men, women, and kids.

Also, check our Women's Rash Guards and Men’s Rash guards which pair great with our MMA shorts.

Shorts for Fighting & Training

Every fighter knows you can’t train BJJ or MMA in everyday gym apparel. They are not designed to withstand the pulling, tugging, and friction caused by Combat Sports. You need a good pair of shorts if you plan on training in the long run.

Whether you train No Gi BJJ or MMA, having a pair of durable and comfortable shorts is essential to last you through your numerous workouts and training sessions. We have an assortment of different BJJ and MMA fight shorts for you to choose from that can be used for Competition, training, or just as casual streetwear. If you are looking for the best MMA shorts to buy for yourself or your loved ones, we have it all here for you.

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