The XMartial Story:

A Journey of Passion, Humor, and Martial Arts

A lifelong martial artist with a zest for travel and a love for humor, XMartial emerged from a simple yet powerful idea. Throughout his travels, Yosef trained in various gyms across the globe, immersing himself in diverse training styles and cultures. He noticed a common thread: martial artists, regardless of their discipline, spent significant time in gyms, which became their second homes and social hubs.

Seeing an opportunity to fuse his passion for martial arts with his love for comedy and design, Yosef created XMartial. His vision was clear: to craft a brand that offered more than just functional gear but also allowed fighters to express their personalities and add a touch of fun to their rigorous training routines. XMartial’s collections of cool, funny, and flashy designs quickly resonated with the community, turning the brand into a beloved name among fighters globally.

As XMartial grew, it evolved beyond just a gear provider. In 2023, with the brand firmly established, Yosef hit the road, embarking on a mission to give back to the martial arts community that had embraced his vision. From visiting gyms to sponsoring athletes and hosting challenges, his efforts were all about enriching the community that had supported him.

Today, XMartial stands as a global phenomenon in the martial arts space. It's not just a brand; it's a movement dedicated to making martial arts more accessible, enjoyable, and entertaining. Through innovative media productions, sponsorships, and events that bring athletes together from around the world, XMartial continues to break the mold.


To revolutionize the martial arts world by blending top-quality gear with an unparalleled sense of fun and community spirit. Our mission is to support and sponsor athletes, create engaging content, and host events that showcase the joy and excitement of martial arts, making it accessible and entertaining for everyone.


To build a globally recognized brand that epitomizes the fusion of fun and functionality in martial arts. From apparel to media, events to retreats, XMartial aims to be at the forefront of martial arts entertainment, celebrating the sport's vibrant culture and bringing martial artists together in new and exciting ways.