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Let me introduce you to the fearless founder behind the epicness of XMARTIAL - Josef, the mastermind who kick-started this brand with pure passion and a touch of bootstrapping magic. Picture this: a guy so in love with the fight game that he decided to take matters into his own gloves. With a spirit as fierce as a tiger and a sense of humor that could knock you out with laughter, Josef is not your average entrepreneur. He's not just sitting behind a desk, oh no!

This dude is out there, traveling to different gyms, rolling on the mats, and even stepping into the ring himself. Talk about commitment! He's on a mission to bring top-notch gear to the martial arts community while simultaneously perfecting his own skills. We're talking dedication with a side of funny antics, folks! So, buckle up and join the XMARTIAL revolution led by the fearless founder himself. Trust us, with Josef at the helm, it's going to be a wild, exhilarating, and hilarious ride you won't want to miss!


XMartial is not only passionate about supporting athletes of all levels, but we also extend our sponsorship program to make a positive impact on kids and underprivileged communities. We believe in the transformative power of martial arts, and we're committed to providing opportunities for those who may not have access to them otherwise. Through our sponsorship initiatives, we aim to empower young individuals and underserved communities, giving them a chance to discover their potential and thrive.



The XMartial community, where we're all about growing 1% every day and having a blast along the way! Our crew includes athletes, coaches, gym owners, and even some hilarious content creators. We're a tight-knit bunch who support each other like a well-timed high-five. Picture a mix of serious skills and hilarious moments that'll leave you rolling on the mats with laughter. Join us as we kick butt, crack jokes, and unleash our inner martial arts beasts. XMartial: where growth and hilarity go hand in hand!



Gabriel Varga, a Canadian kickboxer, who competes in the Lightweight division of Karate Combat. Varga was previously the Bellator KB Featherweight champion, as well as the former two-time Glory Featherweight champion and WKN lightweight champion.

Varga's passion for martial arts began in childhood when he started practicing Shotokan karate. He later transitioned to kickboxing at the age of seventeen. As an amateur fighter, Varga achieved remarkable success by becoming a Canadian, North American, and two-time world champion. In 2009, he turned professional and secured two more world championships within just seven months in 2011. Throughout his career, Varga has competed in various promotions such as K-1, Glory, and Bellator Kickboxing. In 2018, he began uploading videos to his YouTube channel where our glowing partnership formed.


  • Bellator Kickboxing Featherweight (-65 kg/143.3 lb) Champion
  • Hero Legends 2016 Featherweight (-65 kg/143.3 lb) Champion
  • Glory Featherweight Champion (two times; first)
  • 2015, 2016 Glory Featherweight (-65 kg/143.3 lb) Champion
  • 2014 Glory Featherweight (-65 kg/143.3 lb) Contender Tournament Winner
  • ISKA Amateur Canadian Super Lightweight (-62.3 kg/137.2 lb) Oriental Championship
  • ISKA Amateur North American Light Welterweight (-64.5 kg/142.2 lb) Oriental Championship
  • ISKA Amateur World Super Lightweight (-62.3 kg/137.2 lb) Oriental Championship
  • ISKA Amateur World Light Welterweight (-64.5 kg/142.2 lb) Oriental Championship
  • WKA Amateur British Columbia Light Welterweight (-64 kg/141.1 lb) Championship
  • WKF World Light Welterweight (-64.5 kg/142 lb) K-1 Championship
  • WKN World Lightweight (-64.4 kg/142 lb) Oriental Championship


Brandon Mccaghren, the first 10th Planet Instructor in the Southeastern United States, obtained his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt from Eddie Bravo and has received all his Jiu Jitsu ranks directly from him. Apart from being an experienced teacher and Black belt in Traditional Martial Arts, Brandon has also established himself as one of the leading grappling competitors in the Southeast, earning titles in various events such as Kakuto, Good Fight, IBJJF, NAGA, and Freestyle Judo. Under his guidance, 10th Planet has won several Team Titles at these events.

Furthermore, Brandon is a highly respected instructor in the global 10th Planet organization and regularly conducts seminars throughout the United States. In 2014, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Decatur, where he teaches, was ranked the top academy in the 10th Planet system, largely due to the team's competitive achievements and Brandon's reputation as an exceptional instructor.


Tyler is a BJJ black belt with 14 years of training and has taken inspiration from the French Revolution with his guillotine. He enjoys traveling around the world to preach the message that guillotines are the best submission in jiu jitsu. He runs an amazing Youtube channel with entertaining & informative content. Go subscribe to Tyler to be part of his guillotine gang.



    Made with quality mixture of material designed to withstand the most intensive training regiments such as BJJ, grappling and MMA. Seams are reinforced with double flat-lock stitching and gel-panel technologies for maximum comfort. We provide high-quality rash guard, cost-effective products, and services.