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XMARTIAL carries Best Muay Thai Gloves quality at affordable prices.

We carefully choose the best quality gloves constructed with care from the best PU leather, resistant and bacteria safe. Our Muay Thai gloves can double as boxing gloves, and have a velcro hook & loop design for great wrist support. All of our gloves are perfect for sparring, bag and pad work for Thai boxing. Shop for your gloves in XMartial today to enjoy our great deals!

Muay Thai Gloves may be the single most important piece of gear you must have if you plan on taking Muay Thai or MMA seriously. You have to choose the right pair fit for your hands that are both snug, but comfortable to wear. You will be throwing thousands of punches in these gloves during the course of all your training sessions. Be sure to always equip yourself with the most premium and best quality gear you can get your hands on.

The best Muay Thai Gloves at Xmartial

Here at Xmartial, we want to provide you with nothing but the best. We understand that the gear means everything to the everyday fighter. You choose because you believe in what you buy and want to embody the spirit of the true fighter. Let us join you on that journey as we provide you everything you need to succeed.

We have a good collection of Muay Thai Boxing gloves here at Xmartial. You can purchase the most premium and best Muay Thai gloves available at the most affordable prices. You will be getting high-quality and highly durable Muay Thai gloves that are fit for training, sparring, and competition. We also have different styles and designs you may choose from so you can spice up the colors of your workouts.

What size Muay Thai Gloves should I get

Gloves come in different sizes according to the purpose you are using them for. It is highly recommended that you use the proper size to minimize injury during training. Please refer to our short description of each size and weight to help you before you purchase:
8 oz - 10oz - Competition
Gloves of this size are used during competitions and professional bouts. This is because these provide the least amount of protection and inflict the most damage. These are the lightest gloves you can get. Only buy this size of gloves if you plan on competing.
12 oz - 14 oz - Training
Muay Thai gloves of this size are perfect for training and general use. They are the right combination of padding and weight which will protect your hands but is not that heavy. You will mainly use these gloves for pads, mitts, and bag work sessions. If you are just a beginner, this is the perfect size to start out with.
16oz - 18oz - Sparring
These are the biggest and heaviest muay Thai boxing gloves available and are used mainly only for sparring. This is because it contains the most padding and protection.to lessen the impact when hitting your opponent. IF you plan to spar and train a lot, investing in a good pair of sparring gloves will give you great benefits in the long run.


Our Muay Thai Boxing gloves offered here at Xmartial are made of the most premium and durable leather and PU leather. They are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and sweat-resistant, sure to last you the longest of workouts. We also have different designs you may choose from based on your personal preference. If you are looking for quality and durability, we have the best Muay Thai gloves for you.

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