Tidal Aqua Bag

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Size: Small (Max 15kg)

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This is a water-filled training tool that can be used for a variety of movements for workouts and lifting. Pick up the Tidal Aqua Bag and get a full-body workout through the instability of water going from one side to the other in response to the smallest tilt. This fitness product responds directly to how you move to make all muscles engaged and activated to maintain balance and power for a perfect functional workout session!

Features and Benefits: 

  • QUALITY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The water bag allows you to do a wide variety of exercises with comfort and confidence, featuring quality double-welded PVC along with strong, durable soft feel handles, for comfortable training and countless workouts. 
  • PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL: It is foldable and can fit in your workout bag with ease. When you’re ready to work out, the Training Water Bag can be set up within minutes.
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: The Hydro Power Chamber aqua bag allows you to add any water-air ratio you want for a customized workout.
  • Inclusions:1 bag, 1 inflator, 1 rule paper
  • The bags are all empty, please fill it by yourself. How to make it up:
    • To begin, turn on the faucet and pour 1/3 of the water into the bag.
    • Inflate the bag with the inflator.
    • Check for airtightness.
    • If everything seems good, fill the bag with extra water and pump it up again.
  • Available sizes:
    • Small Size: Diameter 16cm, height 75cm
    • Medium Size: Diameter 20cm, height 75cm
    • Large Size: Diameter 25cm, height 75cm
  • Net Weight: 1.5KG

Size: Small (Max 15kg)