Fitness and Speed Jump Rope

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Upgrade your jump rope fitness experience with our Fitness and Speed Jump Rope. The simple yet effective tool makes it easy to increase the heart rate, burn calories, improve coordination, and tone the legs, glutes, shoulders, arms, and core. 

Features and Benefits:

  • 266g of removable weight: Each handle holds 133g of weight that can easily be removed. This allows you to choose between a muscle-thumping strength workout or purely cardio exercise.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - Skip rope made from durable materials that won't kink or twist during your workout
  • Ergonomically designed, and soft foam handles with a soft-grip. You can enjoy burning those calories without the added risk of any kind of strain on your upper body.
  • Adjustable length - Thanks to its fold-over cable system, the length of the jump rope can be easily adjusted to accommodate different users—no need for a screwdriver or any tools like with other jump ropes.
  • Package includes:

    • 2 x handle
    • 2 x rope (dia 2.5mm/3.4mm black rope)
    • 2 x Anti-wear Tube
    • 2 x Iron Blocks
    • 1 x Bag