After years of practicing and competing in BJJ and Muay Thai we have come to realize how demanding each sport is when it comes to gear quality, protection, and body maintenance.

From BJJ rash guards & shorts to BJJ equipment, XMARTIAL continues to innovate by developing cutting edge technologies for better comfort, strength, and superior performance on and off the mats.

Additionally, our Muay Thai shorts and gloves are designed to bring the warrior out of every fighter with uncompromising comfort and style.

XMARTIAL was established in 2016 as a passion project and aims to provide a home for Martial Arts athletes to shop confidently for quality gear and unique designs at reasonable prices.

Now, as our company has grown, XMARTIAL has become much more involved in the community and has been giving back by sponsoring athletes of all levels.

From beginners to accomplished athletes, XMARTIAL supports everyone’s journey while bringing exposure to the sport they’re passionate about.