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Champion's Bundle by Black-Belt Chad 'The Dad' Myers

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Embark on your journey to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mastery with our Champion's Path Bundle. From competition preparation strategies to beginner essentials and effective weight loss techniques through martial arts, this comprehensive package equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel on the mats. Whether you're gearing up for tournaments, stepping onto the mats for the first time, or seeking a healthier lifestyle, our expert-led courses offer invaluable guidance to fuel your progress in the world of BJJ






  • BJJ Black Belt - Feather Weight
  • Black Belt under Kristian Woodmansee (2023)
  • 1st IBJJF No-Gi PANS (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF No-Gi PANS (Absolute) (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF PANS (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF No-Gi Worlds (2021)
  • 1st IBJJF Masters International North America (2022)
  • Owner of Flow State Jiu Jitsu



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