The Ultimate Beginners BJJ Course by Black-Belt Chad 'The Dad' Myers

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Explore the fundamentals of beginners BJJ through an extensive BJJ course designed to help you learn Jiu-Jitsu effectively. This comprehensive BJJ online course caters to the needs of a jiu jitsu beginner, offering detailed guidance from gym etiquette to mastering fundamental techniques. Joining this BJJ course is your gateway to learn jiu jitsu efficiently, accelerating your progress while cutting your learning curve in half. Chad Myers, a respected BJJ practitioner and black belt, leads this course with years of coaching experience and a clear teaching style accessible to everyone. Whether you're brand new to Jiu-Jitsu or a white belt seeking to advance, this course is ideal for your journey. OSS!


Navigating the gym:

  • What to expect when walking into the gym for the first time.
  • When to take off your shoes, and when to make sure your shoes are on!
  • How to tie your belt and when to tie your belt.
  • Where to stand when class starts
  • Some essential mat etiquette



  • The primary positions.
  • Why these positions are relevant.
  • Making sense of the flow.
  • How to transition from position to position.
  • Introduction to submissions and escapes.
  • The concepts behind the submissions.
  • How to mold it all together!



  • We give some advice that we wish we had on our first days.
  • I also give some advice as a coach.
  • I deliver to you, what I wish every new student walking in the door could have. It will save incredible amounts of time when it comes to advancing your Jiu Jitsu Journey.

This course is unlike any other BJJ course. There’s only one professor, but many students. These basics are fairly universal in the BJJ world. Therefore, if everyone were to walk into the gym with the knowledge of this course, it would benefit everyone immensely! Yourself, your training partners, your coaches, etc. I hope you enjoy it!


  • BJJ Black Belt - Feather Weight
  • Black Belt under Kristian Woodmansee (2023)
  • 1st IBJJF No-Gi PANS (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF No-Gi PANS (Absolute) (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF PANS (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF No-Gi Worlds (2021)
  • 1st IBJJF Masters International North America (2022)
  • Owner of Flow State Jiu Jitsu



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