How to Prep for Competition by Black-Belt Chad 'The Dad' Myers

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Elevate your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) journey with our new instructional, "How to Prep for Competition" by renowned BJJ expert, Chad Myers.

This comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights into competition preparation, mental fortitude, and winning strategies. Chad's global competition experience, MMA insights, and coaching expertise converge in this course, offering a holistic approach to BJJ.

What You'll Gain:

  1. Strategic Mindset: Learn the competitive mindset's significance and how to emphasize the mental aspect of competition for improved performance.

  2. Physical Preparedness: Uncover Chad's training regimen for BJJ competitions, including specific exercises for conditioning, strength, and endurance.

  3. Mental Toughness: Explore the "Losing Game" drill and build mental resilience, gaining confidence through adversity.

  4. Adrenaline Management: Navigate adrenaline dumps with physical preparedness strategies, ensuring peak performance in stressful scenarios.

  5. Goal Setting: Establish realistic goals and redefine success, minimizing competition anxiety and celebrating personal victories.

  6. Expert Guidance: Benefit from Chad's insights on transitioning from wrestling to BJJ, real-world applications, and the mind-body connection in Flow State Jiu-Jitsu.

Why Choose This Course:

  1. Global Experience: Chad's worldwide competitions provide cultural insights, enriching your understanding of BJJ as a global community.

  2. MMA Insights: Gain practical knowledge from Chad's MMA experience, preparing you not only for sport but real-world self-defense situations.

  3. Wrestling Foundation: Chad's wrestling background seamlessly integrates with BJJ techniques, providing a well-rounded foundation for beginners.

  4. Flow State Philosophy: Immerse yourself in the mind-body connection with Chad's Flow State Jiu-Jitsu philosophy, which offers a unique approach to training.

  5. Coaching Expertise: Tailored instruction from Chad ensures the course caters to a diverse audience, making it accessible for all ages.

Embark on a transformative journey with "How to Prep for Competition" Uncover the secrets to success on the competition mat, with Chad Myers as your guide. If you're ready to enhance your BJJ skills and thrive in competition, this instructional is your ultimate resource.



  1. Introduction

  2. The Psychology of Competition Preparation

  3. Physical Preparation for BJJ Competition

  4. The Losing Game: Mental Toughness Training

  5. Navigating Adrenaline Dump: Physical Preparedness

  6. Setting Realistic Goals: The Pre-Competition Mindset

  7. Dealing with Competition Anxiety

  8. The Final Days: Fixing Mindset and Establishing Wins

  9. Why Compete?

  10. Conclusion



  • BJJ Black Belt - Feather Weight
  • Black Belt under Kristian Woodmansee (2023)
  • 1st IBJJF No-Gi PANS (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF No-Gi PANS (Absolute) (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF PANS (2022)
  • 3rd IBJJF No-Gi Worlds (2021)
  • 1st IBJJF Masters International North America (2022)
  • Owner of Flow State Jiu Jitsu



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