Men's & Women’s BJJ Spats (Compression Pants) are a specialty of XMARTIAL.

We make the best BJJ spats with the perfect fit and designs for maximum style and comfort. Our 4-way stretch polyester fabric is sweat-wicking and comfortable, regulates your body temperature, and helps prevent injuries while allowing a perfect range of movement. Our women’s spats are also perfect for Yoga, watersports, Crossfit, and more. Our innovative design and excellent quality are made for your best performance.

Training won't be complete without having the proper training apparel to use for the occasion. We offer premium quality grappling spats and shorts catered to MMA fighters and no gi BJJ practitioners. Whether you need spats in mens, womens, or kids, you are sure to find the best BJJ spats on the market here at Xmartial.

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BJJ Spats Designs

Our carefully selected collection of grappling spats are built with comfort and style in mind. These BJJ spats can be used for training of varying degrees - from easy sparring up to high-intensity workouts and training. With our unique designs, you can use pair these spats pants with any top for that easy stylish look for any activity you have in mind!

What makes our spats durable?

Our MMA and Grappling spats are made from top-quality material that is forged specially for no gi BJJ and MMA warriors. Our spats pants are made with high-quality materials that are optimized for great training sessions. It features a 4-way stretch performance fabric that ensures maximum ease in movement. Another thing, our jiu jitsu spats are made with specifications that are perfect for no gi bjj. Its flatlock stitching gives our spats pants and spats shorts stronger, flexible, and more comfortable seams.

XMartial's compression pants is designed for your protection in training. Stay protected and guarded from any unnecessary cuts, scrapes, and rashes by wearing our spats. Keep your body dry through long hours of training and keep your muscles warm. Combine this functionality with up-to-date designs, we're sure that this will add value and fun to your training sessions!


Our spat pants and spat shorts are catered to all heights, sizes, and weights. Please refer to our size chart for more information. Most MMA and grappling spats are available in mens, womens, and kids.

BJJ Spats

Grappling spats are one of the specialties here at Xmartial. Our Jiu jitsu spats and spat shorts are the perfect training apparel to use during all your no gi BJJ classes. We have a wide array of spat pants and spat shorts to choose from ranging from competition legal designs, sleek and cool designs, to bright and funny designs that will brighten up the mats. You are in the right place if you are looking for the Best BJJ spats for your no gi BJJ sessions.

MMA Spats

Aside from fight shorts, MMA fighters are known to wear spat pants and spat shorts during training because these types of apparel are known to help increase blood circulation and oxygen while training. This reduces lactic acid build-up, helping you train harder and longer. Our MMA Spats are made of a flexible and stretchable material that is comfortable and lightweight to wear. We have spat pants and shorts available in mens, womens, and kids.

Why use compression pants for training?

There are numerous benefits to using compressions pants during your workouts. Compression pants are designed to produce compression and pressure to your legs, which helps greatly with blood circulation and reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. Compressions pants also increase the amount of oxygen received by our muscles. This means a faster recovery rate after strenuous exercise. If you are looking to make maximum gains, look no further.

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