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Tiger Camo Women's BJJ/MMA Compression Shorts

$75.00 USD
Size: 2XS (26)



Welcome to the XMartial VIP Club, where the perks are as thrilling as a last-second submission victory!

  • Sponsorship Bonanza: As an XMartial customer, you could get selected for sponsorship as we sponsor athletes from all levels.
  • Dojo Road Show Extravaganza: The Chance to hop on the XMartial party bus (okay, it's an RV) for the Dojo Road Show! We travel, we laugh, and we bring the XMartial experience to random customers when visiting their cities. Watch Here
  • Surprise Gym Takeovers: One day, it's just another training session; the next, BAM! XMartial drops into your gym with challenges, high-fives, and enough fun to make your regular workout blush.
  • Retreats to Brag About: Can get selected to join the XMartial retreats and transcend to a higher plane of training and relaxation. It's like finding your zen... if your zen was about mastering arm bars in paradise.
  • Gym-Runway Ready: Who said the gym isn't a fashion show? Our shorts turn every treadmill into a catwalk. Get ready to serve looks that are more captivating than the 'free pizza' sign at the gym!

Because they're not your grandma's knitting project!

  • Stealthy Drawstring Magic: Our inside drawstring keeps your shorts hitched up like a superhero's cape – snug, secure, and stylish.
  • Fabric Tougher Than Your Schedule: Crafted from the Chuck Norris of fabrics, these shorts laugh in the face of grueling training sessions.
  • Sweat? Never Heard of It: Our moisture-wicking tech makes sweat disappear faster than your motivation on a Monday morning.
  • Graphics Stickier Than Your Favorite Jam: With fully sublimated designs, these shorts stay fresh-looking