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Muay Thai Pads

XMARTIAL offers all kinds of Muay Thai pads: focus mitts, kick pads, belly pads, shin pads and elbow pads.

A Muay Thai pad needs to be heavy-duty and sturdy enough to absorb kicks, punches, and elbow strikes yet to last for years, yet to absorb enough of the energy to protect your athletes and trainees. Buy the best Muay Thai pads with unique designs, with a one-year warranty included.

Here at Xmartial, we offer you the best Muay Thai Pads at the most affordable prices. We understand how important training gear is to every single fighter. We choose to provide you the best and most premium gear that will get your game to the next level. Choose from a collection of our high-quality Thai Pads and start your training journey today.

What are Thai Pads

Muay Thai Pads are a striking training tool that simulates a live opponent in front of you. They are worn on the forearms and are very good at absorbing the blows of different types of strikes. These pads are used as a target for all types of kicks, knees, elbows, and punches. They are an essential piece of training equipment used in combat sports. You will mainly see these types of pads being used by fighters in MMA and Muay Thai Gyms across the world.

Why use Thai Pads

Muay Thai Pads are a crucial part of any MMA or Muay Thai fighter’s training regimen. You will be able to throw different types of kicks from every angle called out by the pad holder. Your kicks will be able to be thrown at full force as Thai Pads are built to withstand heavy strikes and protect the pad holder from any harm. These Pads are mainly used to practice combos with kicks, punches, knees, and elbows.

Our Thai Pads at XMartial

We offer only premium thai pads fit for the everyday fighter in you. Our Muay Thai Pad collection consists of different brands of high-quality Muay Thai pads and kick pads that can be used for professional training and casual training sessions alike. If are a serious fighter or just a hobbyist planning to train with your buddies, our Muay Thai pads and kick pads are the perfect tools to get your striking techniques up a notch.


Our Muay Thai Pads and kick pads are made with high-quality PU leather that guarantees long-lasting durability and functionality. Each pair of pads are equipped with superior wear-resisting, anti-strike, and anti-scratch performance. This ensures that you can always throw your hardest kicks without abandon and still maintain the top-notch quality for years to come.

Other Pads

We also offer focus mitts and wall bags to give you a chance to train other aspects of your striking. Focus mitts are mainly used in Boxing as a tool to improve technique, footwork, and combinations. You will normally see Boxers use these mitts to also train their defensive techniques like “slipping”, “bobbing”, and “weaving”. Focus mitts are not made to withstand kicks and other types of strikes.

Our wall bags are durable and can be easily installed in the gym or at home. Wall Bags are similar to punching bags but are stationary in nature. As the name suggests, you strap the bag to a wall and you can train your punches and combos. These types of bags are used to train power and can be hit with your hardest punches. Just remember to wear hand wraps and gloves so you can protect your hands from injury.

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