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Tiger Camo Rash Guard

$65.00 USD
Size: 2XS


  • Stick With It: Our Anti-slip gel tech isn't just grippy; it's like a loyal friend for your rash guard, keeping it snug and your focus laser-sharp.
  • Tough Love: This rash guard is a fabric fortress, toughing it out through your most intense rolls, just like our rock-solid XMartial family.
  • Sweat? Pshh: With our ninja-like moisture-wicking tech, sweat vanishes before it even knows what hit it. Stay cool, calm, and chokehold-ready.
  • Forever Fresh: Our graphics stick around longer than your favorite post-training snack. No fading or peeling, just endless style./li>
  • Comfort Overload: Think of this rash guard as your second skin – only stretchier, breezier, and it dries faster than you can say 'XMartial'.
  • Got Your Back: With a One-Year Warranty, we're not just in your corner; we're cheering you on, round after round.
  • Risk-Free Rolling: Join the XMartial movement worry-free with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. More than gear, it's your ticket to a community that's all about the mat, the members, and every single match

You can never go wrong with adding a little wildlife to your wardrobe. The Tiger Camo Rash Guard offers a timeless style for any sports activity. Made of high-quality material, this compression shirt is designed for high-performance training and competition. Not just for jiu-jitsu! The best deal for MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai.

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