The Scrambler: High Volume Power Training for Grapplers

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Unlock your grappling potential with 'The Scrambler: High Volume Power Training for Grapplers,' a cutting-edge online training program meticulously designed to enhance your power endurance and repeated high-intensity efforts (RHIE). In the world of combat sports, the ability to sustain high-intensity actions is a game-changer, and this program is your roadmap to achieving that edge.


Our program is rooted in the science of RHIE, where sprinting takes a back seat to grappling, scrambling, throwing, and striking. Traditional approaches to aerobic conditioning fall short in this arena, and that's where high-volume power training (HVPT) steps in. HVPT empowers you to develop cardiovascular fitness and neuromuscular qualities concurrently, boosting your ability to generate and sustain power in your grappling endeavours.


During this program, you'll delve into ballistic movements, such as jump squats, bench throws, and trap bar jumps, each meticulously calibrated to maximize your power output. It's about pushing your limits with every jump, as half-hearted efforts won't unlock the desired results.


With 'The Scrambler,' you'll harness the power and endurance needed to excel in the world of grappling. Get ready to elevate your performance, dominate the mat, and take your grappling skills to new heights. Join us and become a master scrambler.



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About the author

James de Lacey is a Master of Sport & Exercise Science and worked as a professional strength & conditioning coach in elite and international Rugby Union and Rugby League worldwide. He is also a published academic researcher, and now specializes in physical preparation for combat sports. You can find his website at Sweet Science of Fighting.


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