Shoulder Brace BJJ Pad

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The Shoulder Brace BJJ Pad is a sling-like device designed to support and strengthen your shoulder. Shoulder braces are not for day-to-day use, but rather for individuals who have experienced a shoulder injury.

This shoulder brace can be used to recover your shoulder quickly and avoid further damage. Unlike a basic sling, shoulder braces provide stronger, more reliable support.

    Features & Benefits:

    • The shoulder brace is made from neoprene with incredible breathability benefits. It can be fully adjusted to vary the amount of tension required to suit the user. It allows for dual adjustment of both the upper arm and main strap. It includes compartmental space for cold or hot packs.

    • Moisture control technology helps to keep you cool
    • Shoulder support strap has ergonomic design, easy-to-wear support, perfectly cover your shoulder with gentle compression.
    • Well-made shoulder brace that provides protection against tensions, sprains, dislocated shoulders or unstable shoulders of any kind, and is well-suited for badminton, basketball, weightlifting, tennis and volleyball sports injuries.


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