Power Ball Wrist Exerciser

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Color: Black



Enhance your regular exercise routine with the Power Ball Wrist Exerciser! This amazing wrist exerciser is part of XMARTIAL's latest collection of training equipment. It helps tone your muscles from your fingers, hands, wrists up to your shoulders.

This non-impact training equipment helps increase the blood flow in your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders. It also helps improve your joint health. The Power Ball Wrist Exerciser is perfect for beginners, intermediate-level, and pro trainers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for everyone: can be used by BJJ, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball athletes, musicians, and more!
  • Self-starting device with variable speeds for increased training
  • Generates huge power and enhances your workout. 
  • Corresponds to 50 dumbells of different weights
  • Good for ensuring continuous growth in muscles
  • Improves flexibility in the forearms and wrists
  • Great for blood circulation, muscular strength, and flexibility.
  • Flashing LED style comes with bag


1. How Does Wrist Powerball Spin?

- The Powerball Wrist Exerciser starts spinning with its built-in automatic elastic device. You push it, release it, and let it do the work! No batteries or power source needed

2. Do Wrist Trainer Powerball Work?

- Yes, this amazing Powerball Wrist Exerciser works for toning muscles, blood circulation, flexibility, and to improve wrist motion

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Color: Black