BJJ Rash Guards

BJJ Rash Guards

⚠️ Warning: slipping into XMartial gear may result in unexpected superhero powers. From extraordinary confidence boosts to sudden increases in high-fives received, please wear responsibly

The anti-slip gel panel prevents rash guards from riding up and flat-lock stitching for optimal fit and durability. We provide superior MMA and BJJ Rash Guards with uncompromised Style. Those compression shirts are perfect for Jiu jitsu, surfing and any workout practice.

You know you are getting quality when you order from us. Each of our BJJ rash guard and MMA rash guard product lines are catered to the everyday warrior in you. Whether you are a fan, a hobbyist, a full-time athlete, or just someone who wants to wear cool rash guards, our collection is just what you are looking for.

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What makes our rash guards stand out?

Every rash guard you wear is a representation of your personality. You want to look good and feel good so that you can do good during training. Let out your wild side and show everyone on the mats who you truly are! Let us help you find that perfect BJJ rash guard or MMA rash guard that depicts the real you.

Our MMA and Jiu Jitsu rash guards are the fruit of the hard work and talent of our professional designers, to ensure you get the best quality rash guards that look amazing too! We have plain colored, competition legal rashguards, as well ones with different themes and funny designs. We rotate our collection often to give you something to look forward to every time you shop with us. Always remember to stop by once in a while to check what new gear we have in store for you!

What are our rash guards made of?

Our MMA rash guard is so sleek it feels like a second skin. The extra grip provided by XMartial’s anti-slip gel panel technology will give it that extra grip and snugness even after those hours of hard training.

Our 200GSM jiu-jitsu rash guards are made from the best fabric combination of Polyester and Spandex. The stitches are special needles six lines stitching for that seamless-like wear that is form-fitting. It has an anti-grip band at the hem to keep everything in place from warm-ups to cool downs.

You want to use the rash guard for other sports aside from BJJ and MMA?

Go ahead! Our MMA and jiu jitsu rash guards are also multi-sport and built to withstand other sports like surfing, water sports, Muay Thai, and General Training.


We have a good number of options for our Womens and Mens rash guard collections. We offer BJJ rash guards and MMA rash guards catered to your body type and height. We’re fully aware that men and women have different body types, and we make our designs accordingly. Moreover, we have no bias and offer plenty of designs for both sexes.

Unique designs for men and women

Every fighter knows you can’t train BJJ or MMA in everyday gym apparel. They are not designed to withstand the pulling, tugging, and friction caused by Combat Sports. You need a good pair of shorts if you plan on training in the long run.

Whether you train BJJ or MMA, having a pair of durable and comfortable shorts is essential to last you through your numerous workouts and training sessions. We have an assortment of different BJJ gear for women and MMA fight shorts for you to choose from that can be used for Competition, training, or just as casual streetwear. If you are looking for the best MMA shorts to buy for yourself or your loved ones, we have it all here for you.

Quick Tip: Pair your Rash guards with a pair of Xmartial MMA shorts, or Muay Thai shorts.

Kids Rash Guards

Are you planning to enroll your kid in a martial arts class and dont know which rash guard to get? We have a wide array of long sleeve and short sleeve kids rash guards designs which you may choose from. We have plain colored MMA and BJJ rash guards for the more uniform jiu jitsu and mma classes. They are durable and won't break easily, especially during sparring. They are also made of breathable material that minimizes the risk of your kid overheating in class.

We also have themed rash guards with all famous characters from shows which they will love to wear on a daily basis. It is comfy to wear and will keep your child cool even during the hottest of days. If you have children who are very energetic and physical when they play, you can be sure that our rash guards will last even the rowdiest of kids.

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