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Why I Love Nootrum Mushrooms (My 2024 Review)

Mushrooms have been used around the world for millennia as medicine and health boosters, and in recent years, they've become...

Mushrooms have been used around the world for millennia as medicine and health boosters, and in recent years, they've become quite popular as supplements.

Nootrum Mushrooms is a relatively new addition to this market, but the company is quickly establishing itself as the premier mushroom supplement manufacturer.

They offer several different products, but I went straight to the flagship Nootrum Mushrooms, which blend multiple mushroom types. Here is how my 30-day test went.


  • Uses a comprehensive and powerful formulation – Nootrum Mushrooms contain high doses of a wide range of medicinal mushroom extracts. Unlike most similar products, the mushrooms here are used in 20:1 extract. The high doses significantly increase the chance of the supplement to deliver the promised benefits to mental and physical health.
  • Produced to a high standard – The product is made in FDA-approved facilities and contains only high-quality extracts with no contaminants, so you can have total confidence in it.
  • Completely natural – The entire ingredients list is fully organic and suitable even for the most health-conscious people.
  • Reasonably priced—The price of Nootrum is very reasonable, given the high doses of each component. If you buy a stock for a few months, the price drops down significantly, and the value ramps up.


  • Not enough user reviews- Having hundreds of authentic user reviews to sift through is always a big plus for any supplement. Nootrum Mushrooms is a new product, and only a handful of customer reviews are available.
  • Limited Availability- You can only buy the product from the official website.

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Who Are Nootrum?

Nootrum is a relatively new British health and fitness brand. It has quickly established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality products focusing on improving mental and physical health and well-being.

Their product line centers around a supplement that includes an extensive blend of different mushrooms with proven medicinal effects. The product comes in capsule, powder, and gummy form. Nostrum also make a variety of mushroom supplements with only one component and mushroom coffee.

All their supplements contain optimal amounts of high-quality, clinically proven natural components that can produce many benefits with little to no side effects.

All Nootrum supplements are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, giving customers total confidence in the quality of the products. 

Nootrum Mushrooms Ingredients

Nootrum Mushrooms Ingredients

Nootrucm Mushrooms contains a large blend of mushroom extracts. What sets it apart is the quantity and type of extract. There is 266 mg of 20:1 extract of Cordyceps, Reishi, Shiitake, and Lion's Mane mushrooms. The rest of the mushrooms are inside a proprietary blend with a total of 266 mg.

Here is what each of the different fungi brings to the potent mix.

Lion’s Mane Extract

There is more data supporting the lion's mane mushroom's potential to improve health and body and brain function than for any other medicinal mushroom species on earth.

Lion's mane mushroom can enhance the immune system and blood flow to the brain, improve nerve growth factors, and aid the formation and repair of neurites and brain and nerve cells.

The possible positive effects also include reduced inflammation and lower blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid, and cholesterol levels [1].

Cordyceps Sinensis Powder

Cordyceps sinensis powder is derived from a rare caterpillar fungus. While the fungus itself is rare, it is one of the most commonly used and studied medicinal mushroom species.

Cordyceps has many positive effects, including improving the health and functionality of the brain, heart, immune system, and testicles.

It also increases brain cell growth, mental clarity, and physical performance. It decreases mental decline, arthritis, diabetes, diarrhea, headaches, and even tumors [2].

The fungus has been used in Chinese medicine for millennia, but in the age of supplements and globalization, all of us can reap its benefits. 

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Reishi mushrooms are another species used in traditional Chinese medicine. They are known as the mushroom of immortality. One of the jewels of Easter medicine is becoming increasingly popular in the West as a dietary supplement.  

Reishi mushrooms can keep the brain, immune system, and urinary tract healthy and functional. They can boost mood, strength, and stamina and combat stress, anxiety, high blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and metabolic syndrome. A common use of Reishi mushrooms is to improve sleep quality [3].

Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Shiitake mushrooms have high vitamin D and vitamin B levels, so they can deliver many mental and physical health benefits.

They can boost immunity, improve the health and functionality of the brain and cardiovascular system, increase energy levels, support weight loss, reduce inflammation, and treat a number of chronic conditions [4].

Maitake Mushroom Extract

Maitake mushrooms are high in antioxidants, beta-glucans, minerals, and vitamins, all of which are beneficial to the brain and immune system.

They can also lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels and aid the body in fighting off a wide range of diseases and health concerns [5].

Turkey Tail Extract

Turkey tail mushrooms are polypore mushrooms that can be found worldwide. They are an antioxidant powerhouse, containing beta-glucans and a high concentration of polysaccharide K.

This allows them to promote the immune system's response and gut functioning, ease digestion, boost physical performance and mental functions, lower inflammation and blood sugar levels, and aid in treating or preventing type 2 diabetes [6].

Chaga Mushroom Extract

The chaga mushroom is an edible macroscopic fungus found on birch trees. It has been harvested and used by Siberian shamans for its life life-extending properties.

Luckily, shamanic knowledge is not the only proof of Chaga's benefits. The mushroom has undergone scientific studies showcasing a wide range of possible benefits.

This fungus is rich in melanin, polyphenols, triterpenoids, and polysaccharides, which allow it to strengthen immune system health and functions, improve gastrointestinal health, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and prevent or treat cell mutations, and certain chronic disorders [7].

Royal Sun Agaricus Extract

The royal sun agaricus mushroom, commonly known as himematsutake mushrooms, is a fungus in Brazil and other South American countries.

The royal sun agaricus can improve liver and immunological function and prevent or minimize stress, hunger cravings, mood swings, allergic reactions, physical weakness, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, alopecia, arthritis, heart and digestive problems [8]

White Button Mushroom Extract

The white button mushroom is likely the world's most popular edible fungus.

It can boost the immune system and health, raise white blood cell production, and minimize or prevent oxidative stress and damage, inflammation, and other health issues.

White button mushroom also improves gut and prostate health and functioning and aid in the development of lean muscle mass [9].

Black Fungus Extract

Black fungus extract is derived from a mushroom species rich in probiotics, fiber, beta-glucans, and antioxidants.

Black fungus can improve brain function, gut health, the immune system, and liver health. It increases blood flow and circulation to the brain, lowers cholesterol levels, protects cells from free radicals, and prevents inflammation and oxidative stress [10].

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Nootrum Mushrooms Price

The Nootrum mushroom blend is sold in tubs, each containing 30 servings. When you buy in bulk, the price per serving drops and the different packages with multiple bottles are labeled as one-month, two-month, three-month, and six-month supplies.

At the time of writing, the prices are as follows:

  • The 1 month supply retails for $49.99 or $1.67 per serving
  • The 2-month supply retails for $87.99 or $1.47 per serving
  • The 3-month supply retails for $104.99 or $1.17 per serving
  • The 6-month supply retails for $174.99 or $0.97 per serving

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Nootrum Mushrooms Benefits

Is Nootrum Mushrooms Worth It?

Boosts Immunity

Like most mushroom supplements, Nootrum Mushrooms are beneficial for the immune system. It can assist in increasing the generation of white blood cells, T cells, B cells, and other natural killer immune cells, hence improving overall immune system health and performance.

This will boost your overall immunity and make it much easier for your body to combat infections. Although you can't tangibly notice having a stronger immune system, you may simply feel a little better after taking the supplement.

Improves Focus & Sharpens The Mind

Medicinal mushrooms are well known for their nootropic properties, which refer to their potential to improve brain health and function.

Nootrum Mushroom's unique blend of mushroom species can significantly boost your focus and mental clarity shortly after taking the capsules. It can also help maintain overall brain health and function and prevent cognitive decline in elderly people.

Reduces Stress & Inflammation

One of the lesser-known advantages of medicinal mushrooms is the wide variety of antioxidants they contain. These allow Nootrum Mushrooms to neutralize free radicals, preventing or reducing oxidative stress and damage.

This reduces inflammation throughout the body, protecting brain cells, maintaining their health, and preventing cognitive loss. It can also assist in relieving tension and generate a sense of calmness.

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Who Is Nootrum Mushrooms For?

Anyone can take Nootrum Mushrooms, and almost everyone will benefit from them in one way or another.

With that said, certain groups of people have a bigger need for nootropics to boost their brain power, such as students, business professionals in demanding positions, gamers, or elderly people battling age-related cognitive decline.

My Experience With Nootrum Mushrooms

Is Nootrum Mushrooms Legit?

My experience with Nootrum Mushrooms was great. The supplement improves my focus and mental processing speed almost immediately after I take the pills. I've tried it before writing articles, recording podcasts, or researching a complicated topic, and the effect was noticeable every time.

What impressed me the most is that this effect is usually only possible with solid doses of caffeine, which can lead to jitteriness and an energy crash, while here, the energy, clarity, and focus boosts are entirely without side effects.

Regarding the immune system benefits, it's difficult to determine how effective the product is since I don't have any medical issues and am quite healthy.

But if I am to judge this effect based on the nootropic benefits, then I am certain Nootrum Mushrooms will also fortify your internal immune systems.

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User Reviews & Testimonials

Nootrum Mushrooms is one of the more recent supplements available, so customer reviews are, honestly, rather few. Having said that, each of the reviews I've managed to find is a positive one.

The widespread perception is that the supplement can considerably improve a person's mental health and abilities. Furthermore, many people praised its capacity to help them feel better, get sick less frequently, fight off illnesses, and increase their physical performance.

This means that as Nootrum Mushrooms develops popularity and more people try it, the number of customer reviews will increase, and its reputation as the best mushroom supplement on the market will grow.

Nootrum Mushrooms Side Effects

Nootrum Mushrooms or any of its constituents are generally considered safe and without side effects when used in these dosages.

After testing the product for 30 days, I can back up this claim because I experienced no unpleasant side effects.

It's worth noting that some of the ingredients may cause light stomach discomfort in a small percentage of users, like with all-natural products and nootropics.

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Nootrum Mushrooms Alternatives

MushGooms Gummies

MushGooms Gummies have the same combination of mushrooms as Nootrum Mushrooms, therefore they can provide the same benefits. However, rather than being converted into capsules, they have been made into tasty raspberry gummies.

This makes them a good choice for people who dislike ingesting tablets or capsules, and the relatively low price makes them quite inexpensive.

The only disadvantage is that they use 10:1 extracts rather than 20:1, thus they will be half as effective as Nootrum Mushrooms.

Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus is one of the best nootropics available today.

It has a high concentration of lion's mane mushroom, which, as previously said, is perhaps the most potent therapeutic mushroom available. It also contains a dozen more clinically proven ingredients to enhance mental health and cognitive functions.

The downsides of Hunter Focus are that it contains caffeine, which not everyone likes or tolerates, and the hefty price, which is three times higher than that of Nootrum.

If you are looking to harness the power of different kinds of mushrooms for a clean energy boost, Nootrum Mushrooms is a much better choice.

Frequently Asked Nootrum Mushrooms Questions

Do Mushroom Supplements Really Work?

Mushroom supplements' efficiency varies depending on the species and doses of medicinal mushrooms they contain. However, most mushroom supplements can be useful, particularly for brain and immunological health and function.

Is Nootrum Mushrooms Better Than Other Mushroom Supplements?

Nootrum Mushrooms outperforms other mushroom supplements on the market today because it only uses medicinal mushroom species that have been clinically shown to work and contains them in optimal quantities to achieve maximum results with no side effects.

Other products contain the same blend of mushrooms but in much lower doses and at a lower 10:1 extract, while Nootrum uses 20:1 extracts.


Nootrum Mushrooms is an excellent nootropic supplement and undoubtedly the best medical mushroom product today.

It contains optimal amounts of clinically proven mushroom species to significantly improve overall health and functioning while posing no risk of adverse effects.

If you buy in volume, it can also provide excellent value.

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