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Best Creatine For Women (2024) Budget, Gummies, & More

Creatine is known as one of the most potent supplements, delivering strength and power enhancements and being an invaluable help...

Creatine is known as one of the most potent supplements, delivering strength and power enhancements and being an invaluable help in building lean muscle mass. These benefits have made it a favorite supplement for men but also often ignored by women. This is a mistake since creatine supplementation may even be more beneficial for them.

Whether you are looking to build muscle mass, improve athletic performance, or take advantage of creatine's other potential benefits, you must first choose the right product and orient yourself in the densely saturated market.

I've compiled a list of several excellent creatine supplements for women, each targeting a specific need or budget.

Best Creatine For Women

Lift Big Eat Big Creatine Monohydrate

Lift Big Eat Big Creatine For Women


  • Third-party testing shows 100% pure creatine monohydrate.
  • Uses the gold standard Creapure® creatine.
  • Free shipping in the United States.
  • Great value when buying in bulk.


  • No flavored options.

Price per serving:

  • $0.80 single purchase
  • $0.66 when buying in bulk

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Creatine is simple and effective in its pure form, so I usually choose a product with the highest purity and no added substances. Based on this simple premise, Lift Big Eat Big creatine is one of my favorite products on the market.

I learned not to believe hollow marketing promises and instead seek proof. In the case of LBEB creatine, this is the Certificate of Analysis, which validates the product's purity and lack of irrelevant additions.

The Lift Big Eat Big uses Creapure®, which is recognized as the finest brand because of its high quality and 99.9% purity level [1][2].

If you buy cheap creatine from sites like Amazon, you can get something that isn't as clean or contains undesired components.

Only a few brands, including LBEB, will present their report cards. For example, only 8% of creatine pills on Amazon have been tested [3].

This supplement contains only high-quality ingredient that can improve muscle size, strength, and endurance. The effects on women may even extend to better mood and cognition.

The product offers excellent value for money. A tub of 50 servings costs $39.99, or 80 cents for each dose.

If you order three containers at once, you'll pay $99 for 150 scoops, or 66 cents per serving. Free shipping is available in the United States, making the price even more competitive.

Few are better than Lift Big, Eat Big if you are seeking a no-nonsense, high-quality creatine monohydrate to increase your workout efforts.

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Best Budget Creatine For Women

Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate


  • One of the best value-for-the-price offers.
  • Flavorless and flavored options.
  • Natural favorers.


  • The flavored version contains 2 g of additives.

Price per serving:

  • $0.35 flavored
  • $0.18 unflavored

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Nutricost produces one of the best-value creatines on the market, making it the best budget creatine many ladies choose.

This product is manufactured in an NSF-certified facility and is third-party tested. Despite having fewer certificates than others, it nonetheless provides high-quality creatine.

In addition to the basic unflavored option, you can choose two flavors I've tried and enjoyed.

Another advantage of Nutricost creatine is it comes in larger tubs containing 77, 100, or even 200 doses, allowing you to stock up for months.

The price definitely steals the show, at $0.35 per serving for the flavored variety and $0.18 for an unflavored 200-serve container.

Only a few companies can match this pricing, so if you are on a tight budget but want to benefit from creatine, Nutricost is likely your best option.

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Best Post-Workout Creatine For Women

Legion Recharge Post Workout


  • Third-party tested for purity.
  • L-carnitine has several benefits, such as enhanced recovery.
  • Natural flavors and sweeteners.
  • Several delicious tastes.


  • Even the unflavored option contains stevia.

Price per serving:

  • $1 for 60 servings.

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Legion Recharge, as the name implies, is an outstanding creatine supplement with additional components for post-workout use. It meets the most crucial criteria, which is to contain 5 grams of creatine monohydrate per serving.

L-carnitine and L-tartrate are the two extra substances that turn this into a post-workout supplement.

Many women use L-carnitine for its supposed fat-burning properties. While this effect is not established, its proven effects include reduced muscle soreness and improved recovery, which make it a great addition to creatine to boost gym efforts [4].

Legion Recharge also offers a few outstanding flavors, turning the supplement into a delicious post-workout treat to drink while driving home from the gym.

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Best Creatine For Female Athletes

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB


  • 5 g of high-quality creatine per serving.
  • HMB, Bioperine, and vitamin D may provide athletic benefits.
  • Informed sports tickbrings peace of mind to athletes.
  • A bunch of flavor options for every taste.


  • Significantly more expensive than budget options.

Price per serving:

  • $1.67 single purchase
  • $1.49 with subscription

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Transparent Labs is one of the best supplement producers on the market, and their Creatine HMB consistently ranks at the top of creatine roundup reviews.

Transparent Labs' creatine monohydrate is not only of great quality, but it also contains HMB and BioPerine, both of which have been shown to improve workout performance.

A single dose of Transparent Labs Creatine HMB comprises 5 g of creatine monohydrate, 1.5 g of HMB, 5 mg of BioPerine, and 500 IU of vitamin D.

Notably, HMB may improve body composition and aid in muscle rehabilitation. However, the claims regarding HMB's usefulness are still unproven [5].

What makes this creatine popular among athletes is not only its beneficial components but also the third-party testing certification or the Informed Sports tick.

This represents proof of purity from any forbidden substances, which could result in failed competition or out-of-season drug tests.

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB is a lot more expensive than its competitors, but the extra components, different taste options, and, most importantly, the Imformed sports tick make it the best creatine for female athletes.

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Best Creatine Gummies For Women

Novomins Sugar-Free Creatine Gummies


  • 2 gummies contain 5 g of creatine, while other brands often require 5 gummies to hit the dose.
  • Taste great and can be used as a treat.
  • 45 servings in a container.


  • The sweetener maltitol does not agree with everyone's stomach.

Price per serving:

  • $0.55

===>Check Latest Novomins Creatine Gummy Deals<===

I usually don't recommend creatine gummies because they are not cost-efficient and have some issues. Nevertheless, gummies are a tasty and convenient way to take creatine.

Novomins solve most of the concerns associated with creatine gummies and are my favorite product of this type.

First, unlike other brands, two Novomins gummies provide the optimal daily dose of 5 grams of creatine.

Another prevalent issue is that gummies include sugar and other harmful components, which troubles women, especially since they are often more mindful of their caloric intake. 

Instead of sugar, Novomins use maltitol as a sweetener, which reduces calories but may cause stomach issues in some people who don't take the substance well. 

Another advantage of Novomins is that each box offers 45 servings, while other brands provide less than a month's supply in a single package.

Novomins creatine gummies are great for people who are frequently on the move, love chewing gummies in general, or are tired of mixing powders and want to test a fresh wah to supplement with creatine.

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Best Creatine For Female Beginners

Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate


  • Orders in bulk provide the cheapest price available for a high-quality creatine.
  • Lab tested for purity.


  • Resealable bags are not durable, and you will need to transfer the creatine to another container.

Price per serving:

  • $0.15- $0.22

===>Check Latest Bulk Supplements Creatine Deals<===

Creatine tends to be inexpensive, but companies such as Bulk Supplements provide an even better value. This makes it an excellent choice for female beginners who want to test how creatine works for them.

I normally avoid suspiciously low-cost items, but Bulk Supplement is a legitimate company with NSF certification and FDA registration as a cGMP manufacturing and distribution center.

This means you're getting high-quality creatine. It may not be the highest quality, but it will provide the full spectrum of proven creatine benefits.

There are many size options, ranging from a 100-gram test pouch to a 5-kg gigantic bag containing the real deal.

A typical 500-gram bag is still affordable, but the 5-kg with 1000 doses (3 years' worth of creatine) costs $145, making a single serving only $0.15.

The only downside is the packaging. The resealable bag will eventually stop closing properly, and you will need to transfer the contents to a container you already have at home, which is not a big deal anyway.

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Best Creatine HCL For Women

Kaged Creatine HCL


  • Creatine HCL dissolves in liquid almost instantly.
  • There is anecdotal evidence creatine HCL is easier on the stomach.
  • Informed sports tick makes it suitable for athletes.


  • More expensive than monohydrate, with unknown benefits .
  • A tub barely lasts 18 days with the required 4 servings per day.

Price per serving:

  • $1.38

===>Check Latest Kaged Creatine HCL Deals<===

Creatine monohydrate is still the best type of creatine, though creatine HCL is a potential option for some people.

Solubility is one of its advantages, which can be shown without clinical trials. It dissolves easily in water and requires much less liquid than monohydrate.

Another advantage of HCL is that it is more bioavailable, meaning less is required to provide the same results.

While this is largely valid, and the amounts needed are slightly lower, creatine HCL provides no additional benefits compared to monohydrate [6].

Despite my suggestion to stay with monohydrate and the slightly higher price, I can recommend Kaged Creatine HCL for people looking to change things.

The solubility and lower dose may be a breath of fresh air for individuals who have been using creatine for years, and Kaged is a well-reputed supplement manufacturer.

This third-party-tested creatine comes in two flavors and an unflavored variant. It carries the Informed Sports tick, indicating it is safe for athletes to use.

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Best Creatine Pills For Women

Nutricost Creatine Pills


  • High-quality creatine in a capsule.
  • Great value compared to other brands of creatine pills.
  • Convenient to carry and use on the go.


  • You need to swallow 4-6 pills every day.
  • More expensive than the Nutricost creatine powder.

Price per serving:

  • $0.34

===>Check Latest Nutricost Creatine Pill Deals<===

As much as I enjoy mixing creatine into my post-workout protein shake, creatine tablets are much more practical if you are on the go and don't want to bother with powders and shakers.

Nutricost pills are of the same quality as the company's powder. You still get a non-GMO, third-party-tested product manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility.

The recommended dose here is 4 capsules containing 3 g of creatine. This should be sufficient for most women, but I still recommend increasing the amount to 6 capsules per day to achieve 4.5 g of creatine, even more so if you don’t eat much meat.

Nutricost tablets are a simple and economical type of creatine. If you follow the recommended dose, the price is $0.22. If you want to get closer to 5 grams of creatine, the cost is $0.34, which is still good.

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Benefits Of Creatine For Women

Creatine may be strongly associated with male athletes and lifters, but evidence suggests creatine supplementation may be even more important for women. The reasons for this are both biological and lifestyle.

According to a study, women typically exhibit 70 to 80 percent lower endogenous creatine store levels [14].

The same study also shows creatine supplementation may be beneficial during pregnancy, postpartum, and pre-and postmenopause.

Then, the lifestyle reason I mentioned is related to diet. Creatine is found almost exclusively in red meat and fish, and many women prefer a more plant-based diet and often stay away from meat.

But even if one does eat a lot of red meat, creatine-rich foods still don't contain enough to saturate the muscles fully.

Outside of the sex-related hormonal differences mentioned above, women enjoy the same benefits as men from creatine supplementation. 

The magic behind the molecule creatine is its ability to bolster ATP production in skeletal muscle. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is used as a fuel by the muscles and directly impacts performance.

By having higher creatine stores in the muscles through supplementation, you can reproduce ATP better and perform better.

Build More Muscle

Creatine works brilliantly with resistance training, which leads to building more lean muscle mass. A lot of the gains come from improved performance, which allows you to lift more, but creatine also directly influences lean muscle mass [9].

The larger muscle mass aids immensely in achieving a better body composition and a leaner look.

Increase Strength

All of the information suggests creatine supplementation boosts strength by allowing you to produce more ATP, which is the muscle's primary fuel for explosive movements.

Studies have indicated that creatine supplementation boosts weightlifting performance by 8% on average. [7]  

The increased strength is evident not only when lifting weights but also in high-intensity training, sports, and fitness-related activities.

Enhance Power Output

Since ATP is mainly required for explosive actions, creatine supplementation can boost the alactic system's power and capacity. The increase in power production can be ten to fifteen percent, which is considerable. [8]

This can be particularly beneficial for activities requiring power outbursts, such as sprints, jumps, and many competitive sports. The ability to reproduce ATP at a higher rate also means you can sustain peak performance for longer.

Protect Your Brain

The benefits of creatine do not end with performance and muscle building. The substance also has several cognitive benefits.

It may have a neuroprotective mechanism that prevents neurodegenerative disease [10]. This ties closely to combat sports and the need to prevent and recover from brain damage.

Other studies show potential alleviation of symptoms in people with depression, Alzheimer's, or other pathological conditions [11].

The women-specific study looking at creatine supplementation across a lifespan also shows improvements in mood and cognition, possibly by restoring brain energy levels and homeostasis [14]

How To Pick The Best Creatine For Women


A creatine supplement's most significant attribute is its purity. Because most creatine supplements are not comprehensive formulations of many ingredients but rather just creatine, quality is vital.

All products worth your money should have evidence of third-party testing and some sort of mark or certificate.

Look for the CoA, Informed Sports tick, or at the very least, an assurance from the maker about third-party testing.

Creapure, the purest type of creatine, is lab-tested and determined to have 99.9% creatine monohydrate. This is why I like Lift Big Eat Big creatine, but all other alternatives on this list are also highly recommended.


Creatine monohydrate is the only kind of creatine to consider. It's been around for decades and has become the most thoroughly tested supplement ever.

Almost all variables and scenarios have been tried and researched, and both positive and negative effects are well established.

However, this doesn't stop companies from attempting to sell you at least a dozen alternative types of creatine, each of which is advertised as superior in some way.

Unsurprisingly, none of the apparently novel types has been found to work better than monohydrate. [12]

Creatine HCL is one type of creatine worth mentioning. It has been established that the overall effects and benefits are not better than those of monohydrate, but HCl has a theoretical advantage due to its better solubility.

This allows a lower dose of HCL to be as effective as a larger monohydrate dose.

To illustrate this in numbers, the optimal dose of creatine monohydrate is 5 grams, while HCL doses are often 3 grams.

Powder vs. Capsules vs. Gummies

While capsules are portable, they are more expensive for everyday use. To get the necessary amount of 3-5 grams, you must swallow several capsules, which might be pricey and inconvenient.

Daily use of powder is the most practical and cost-effective solution, and a single pack usually lasts much longer.

Combining it with a drink allows you to intake the recommended quantity in a single serving.

Gummies contain additional ingredients such as sugar or other sweeteners, are more expensive, and require a larger quantity to meet the recommended daily intake.

They are generally regarded as suboptimal. However, some products, such as Novomins, are an easy and pleasant way to consume creatine, resolving the majority of these concerns.


In addition to being highly effective, creatine is affordable. Purchasing unflavored creatine in bigger containers is objectively cheap, even on a student's budget, costing roughly $0.20 to $0.30 per serving.

Even the Creapure variety used in LBEB is less than a dollar per serving.

The more expensive selections always include additional ingredients and flavorings.

Although they may be helpful or improve the taste, a simple creatine powder will provide the desired effects if you are on a tight budget. Both Nutricost and Bulk supplements are fantastic, cost-effective options.

Are There Potential Creatine Side Effects For Women?

Despite the immense number of studies done on creatine (over 500 peer-reviewed ones), there are still some misconceptions surrounding it, which dissuade some people from taking it.

Women are especially susceptible to these myths, as their fitness goals differ from men's.

One of the main worries women have about creatine is it will cause them to gain weight. While some people may initially gain a small amount of weight, this is water weight drawn to the skeletal muscle and not to fat cells.

This is the effect of creatine working, making the muscles appear fuller and more toned.

The gained weight from creatine (two to five pounds) is dissipated once the body adjusts to the new creatine levels after several days [15].

The phrase "increased muscle mass" sounds frightening to some women, courtesy of the fear of looking too "bulky".

Creatine does build more muscle, but having more muscles is the only way of achieving a lean physique, and taking creatine can't and won't make you look like a female CrossFit athlete by accident.

Hair loss is another common adverse effect attributed to creatine, but no study has proven any link between them.

How To Take Creatine For Women

If you're new to creatine and want to know how to get started, there are two options: with or without a loading phase. Your choice should be determined by how quickly you want to see results.

The loading technique is consuming 20 grams of creatine daily for the first six days.

This is usually done in little dosages throughout the day to make it easy on the stomach. After this period, use 3-5 grams daily to maintain a high muscle creatine level [13].

Most people should opt for non-loading if they are not in a hurry. Simply take 3-5 g of creatine per day. In about a month, you will achieve optimal creatine saturation and reap the full benefits [13].

Best Time For Women To Take Creatine

The available data has multiple inconsistencies regarding when to take creatine during the day. There has been research on taking creatine before and after an exercise, but the evidence is uncertain.

The most important factor for optimal creatine supplementation is taking it daily, even on rest days. This will ensure maximum muscle saturation with creatine and, as a result, the best outcomes. Simply develop a convenient daily habit that suits your routine.

Frequently Asked Creatine For Women Questions

Should Women Take Creatine?

Yes, women should take creatine for the many benefits it provides. In addition to the performance, recovery, and muscle-building properties, creatine may even be more beneficial for women because they have lower creatine levels in the brain than men.

Creatine supplementation can provide benefits beyond the gym in improving mood, cognition, and longevity.

Are There Creatine Side Effects For Females

There aren't any side effects exclusive to women. All of the alleged side effects, such as bloating, hair loss, muscle cramps, and many others, have been disproven by science. The side effect some people experience is a small water weight gain in the first week of intake, which is then dissipated.


The Lift Big Eat Big creatine has quickly become my favorite product, and I recommend it to all men and women looking for a pristine, clean creatine supplement that gets straight to the point.

But many other products also deserve recommendation, such as the budget-friendly Bulk Supplements and Nutricost offers, the Transparent Labs HMB and Kaged HCL, most suitable for athletes subjected to drug tests, and the delicious Novomins gummies.

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