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Best Creatine For Men (2024) Budget, Gummies, & More!

Creatine is equally effective for men and women, but it's the men who are mostly interested in this simple supplement....

Creatine is equally effective for men and women, but it's the men who are mostly interested in this simple supplement. The reasons are simple: increased strength, endurance, power output, and better recovery. All of this comes in a cheap and easy-to-take form with no side effects. What's not to love about it?

Some creatine supplements contain only the core ingredient, while others mix additional performance or recovery enhancers. Some are cheaper, while others are more expensive.

This list contains some of the best creatine for men and will cater to different tastes, needs, and budgets.

Best Creatine For Men

Lift Big Eat Big Creatine Monohydrate

Lift Big Eat Big Creatine For Men


  • Transparent testing indicates 100% pure creatine monohydrate.
  • Utilizes the gold standard Creapure® creatine.
  • Free shipping within the United States.
  • Bundles help you save more money.


  • No flavored options.
  • Slower shipping times than Amazon.

Price per serving

  • $0.80 single purchase
  • $0.66 when buying in bulk

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Creatine is straightforward and highly effective in its pure form, so I usually choose a product with the best purity and no additives.

Based on this simple principle, the Lift Big Eat Big creatine is one of my favorite products on the market.

I learned not to trust empty marketing promises and instead look for proof. In the case of the LBEB creatine, this is the Certificate of Analyses, which verifies the product's purity and absence of unnecessary additives.


The Lift Big Eat Big utilizes Creapure®, the purest brand available, renowned for its exceptional quality and 99.9% purity level [1][2].

If you buy cheap creatine from sites like Amazon, you may receive something that is not as clean or contains unwanted ingredients.

Only a few brands, including LBEB, will present their report cards. For example, just 8% of the creatine pills on Amazon have been tested [3].

With this supplement, you are getting only the highest quality ingredients, capable of elevating your results in terms of muscle size, strength, and endurance. 

The product provides excellent value for money. A tub with 50 servings costs $39.99, or 80 cents for each dose.

If you order three containers at once, you will spend $99 for 150 scoops, or 66 cents per serving, with free shipping in the United States, making the price quite competitive.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, high-quality creatine monohydrate to boost your gym efforts, few are better than Lift Big Eat Big. 

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Best Budget Creatine For Men

Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate

Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate


  • Amazing value for the price.
  • Both flavors taste delicious.
  • Available unflavored for pure creatine.


  • The flavored version contains 2 g of additives

Price per serving:

  • $0.35 flavored
  • $0.18 unflavored

===>Check Latest Nutricost Creatine Deals<===

Nutricost produces one of the best value creatines on the market, making it a preferred choice for beginners.

This product is made in an NSF-certified facility and is third-party tested. Although it has fewer certifications than others, you still get high-quality creatine.

In addition to the standard unflavored choice, you may select two flavors I've tried and enjoyed. Another advantage of Nutricost creatine is that it comes in larger tubs of 77, 100, or even 200 doses, allowing you to stock up for months.

This is available at a surprisingly low cost of $0.35 per serving for the flavored version and $0.18 for an unflavored 200-serve tub.

Few companies offer this pricing, so if you are looking for a first creatine to see how it affects you as a beginner, Nutricost is your best bet. 

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Best Post-Workout Creatine For Men

Legion Recharge Post Workout

Legion Recharge Creatine


  • Third-party tested for purity and unwanted substances
  • L-carnitine is beneficial for recovery
  • Natural flavors and sweeteners
  • Several delicious tastes


  • Even the unflavored option contains stevia

Price per serving:

  • $1 per serving

===>Check Latest Legion Recharge Creatine Deals<===

As the name suggests, Legion Recharge is an excellent creatine supplement with added ingredients for post-workout use. It meets the most important criteria and contains 5 grams of creatine monohydrate.

The additional ingredients turning this into a post-workout supplement are L-carnitine and L-tartrate.

L-carnitine is a supplement many women take because it's commonly referred to as a fat-burning substance.

However, its proven effects include reduced muscle soreness, better recovery, and even increased muscle mass, making it perfect for men looking to optimize muscle hypertrophy after training [4].

Legion Recharge also has a few excellent flavors, making the supplement a delicious post-workout treat to gulp while driving home from the gym.

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    Best Creatine For Male Athletes

    Transparent Labs Creatine HMB

    Transparent Labs Creatine HMB


    • 5 g of high-quality creatine per serving.
    • HMB, Bioperine, and vitamin D may provide athletic benefits.
    • Informed choice mark means you won’t fail a competition drug test.
    • A dozen flavor options.


    • A lot more expensive than the others.

    Price per serving:

    • $1.67 single purchase
    • $1.49 with subscription

    ===>Check Latest Transparent Labs Creatine Deals<===

    Transparent Labs is one of the best supplement manufacturers on the market, and their Creatine HMB is often at the top of creatine roundup reviews.

    In addition to being a high-quality creatine monohydrate, Transparent Labs also includes HMB and BioPerine, both of which have the potential to enhance workout performance.

    Transparent Labs Creatine HMB contains 5 g creatine monohydrate, 1.5 g HMB, 5 mg BioPerine, and 500 IU vitamin D per serving.

    Notably, HMB can potentially improve body composition and help muscle recovery. Keep in mind that the claims for HMB's effectiveness remain unproven [5].

    What makes this creatine preferred for athletes is not only the beneficial additives but also the third-party testing certification or the informed sports tick.

    This represents proof of purity from any banned substances, which may lead to failed drug tests and all the trouble stemming from that.

    Transparent Labs Creatine HMB is much more expensive than its competitors, but the extra ingredients, multiple flavor options, and, most importantly, the informed sports tick make it the best creatine for athletes.

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      Best Creatine For Male Beginners

      Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate

      Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate


      • Orders in bulk provide insane value.
      • Lab tested for purity.


      • Resealable bags are not durable, and you will need to move the creatine to another container.

      Price per serving:

      • $0.15 - $0.22

      ===>Check Latest Bulk Supplements Creatine Deals<===

      Creatine is generally relatively cheap, but some brands deliver even better value for money, and Bulk Supplements is one of them.

      I usually avoid suspiciously cheap products, but Bulk Supplement is a reputable company with NSF certification and FDA registration as a cGMP manufacturing and distribution facility.

      This means you are getting good-quality creatine. It may not be the best quality, but it will deliver the benefits you expect from creatine.

      There are different size options, from a 100-gr test pouch to a 5 kg mammoth bag, where the real deal resides.

      The price for a regular 500 gr bag is still low, but the 5 kg one with 1000 doses (3 years’ worth of creatine) costs $145, which makes a single serving cost only $0.15

      This is what makes it one of the best creatine for beginners.

      The only negative is the packaging. The resealable bag will stop closing in time, and you will have to move the contents into a container you already have at home. Then you're ready to go.

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        Best Creatine HCL For Men

        Kaged Creatine HCL

        Kaged Creatine HCL


        • Creatine HCL has great solubility.
        • There is anecdotal evidence creatine HCL is easier on the stomach.
        • Informed sports tick makes it suitable for athletes.


        • Higher cost compared to monohydrate, while the advantages are unclear.
        • A tub lasts only 18 days if you take the recommended 4 servings per day.

        Price per serving:

        • $1.38

        ===>Check Latest Kaged Creatine HCL Deals<===

        Creatine monohydrate remains the best form of creatine, although creatine HCL is a promising alternative.

        One of its advantages, evident without the necessity for clinical trials, is solubility. It quickly dissolves in water and requires substantially less liquid than monohydrate.

        The other advantage of HCL is it is more bioavailable, requiring less of it to achieve the same results.

        While this is somewhat correct, and the quantities required are lower, creatine HCL does not provide any additional benefits compared to monohydrate [6].

        Despite my regular advice to stick with monohydrate and the slightly higher price, I would recommend purchasing Kaged Creatine HCL.

        The solubility and lower dose may be a breath of fresh air for those taking creatine for years, and Kaged consistently produces high-quality goods.

        This third-party-tested creatine comes in two flavors and an unflavored version, and it has the Informed Sports tick, indicating it is safe for athletes to consume.

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          Best Creatine Gummies For Men

          Novomins Sugar-Free Creatine Gummies

          Novomins Creatine Gummies For Men


          • You need only 2 gummies for 5 g of creatine.
          • Taste great and can be used as a treat.
          • 45 servings in a container.


          • The sweetener maltitol can create stomach issues in some people.

          Price per serving:

          • $0.55

          ===>Check Latest Novomins Creatine Gummy Deals<===

          I usually don't recommend creatine gummies because they are not cost-efficient and have some inherent problems.

          Most men are unlikely to prioritize chewing sweetened teddy bears instead of drinking mixed powder, but gummies remain a convenient and delicious way of taking creatine.

          Novomins address most of the problems typical for creatine gummies and are my favorite product of this type.

          First, unlike other brands, Novomins requires only two gummies to provide 5 grams of creatine.

          Another common concern is gummies include sugar and other unwanted ingredients. Novomins use maltitol as a sweetener, which keeps the calories low, but not everyone's gut agrees with the substance. 

          Another advantage of Novomins is that each box contains 45 servings, unlike other brands, which offer less than a month's supply in one package.

          Novomins creatine gummies are ideal for people who are constantly on the go or are bored of mixing powder and want to try something fresh.

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            Best Creatine Pills For Men

            Nutricost Creatine Pills

            Nutricost Creatine Pills


            • High-quality creatine in a capsule.
            • Great value as opposed to other brands of creatine pills.
            • Convenient to carry around and use.


            • You need to swallow 4-6 pills every day.
            • More expensive than the powder from the same brand.

            Price per serving:

            • $0.34

            ===>Check Latest Nutricost Creatine Pill Deals<===

            As much as I like to mix creatine in my post-workout protein shake, creatine pills are a super convenient way to take it, especially if you are on the go and don’t want to deal with powders and shakers.

            Nutricost pills boast the same quality as their powder. You still get a non-GMO, third-party-tested substance created in a compliant facility.

            The recommended dose here is 4 capsules, which amounts to 3 g of creatine. This should be enough for most, but I would advise men who lift heavy and want the optimal result to amp up the dose to 6 capsules to get 4.5 g of daily creatine.

            Nutricost pills are not only a convenient form of creatine but also affordable. If you follow the recommended dose, the price is $0.22, and if you want to be closer to 5 grams of creatine, the cost is $0.34, which is still good.

            ===>Check Latest Nutricost Creatine Pill Deals<===

              Benefits Of Creatine For Men

              Creatine is one of the best supplements for men and one of the few I consider necessary for athletes and everyday lifters.

              The reason behind my opinion is the supplement's proven efficacy and the extensive testing done on creatine monohydrate, eliminating any uncertainties.

              Here is how creatine can benefit you.

              Increase Strength

              All the evidence (and there's a lot) shows creatine supplementation improves strength by helping you produce more ATP (the muscle's primary fuel).

              Studies have found creatine supplementation increases weightlifting performance by 8% on average [7].

              Increases in every aspect of strength training, from 1RM efforts to the number of repetitions at a given load, have been showcased.

              Enhance Power Output

              ATP is used mostly for explosive movement, so supplementing with creatine can increase the power and capacity of the alactic system. The increase in power output can be 10—to 15%, which is a significant amount [8].

              This makes creatine a perfect supplement for athletes, including boxers, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and BJJ competitors, all relying heavily on their anaerobic capacity.

              Build More Muscle

              In addition to performance enhancements, many lifters use creatine to increase muscle mass.

              While most gains in this domain are reinforced by the ability to train more and with heavier weights, there are indications creatine enhances building lean muscle mass [9].

              Protect Your Brain

              Creatine has lesser-known but not less important brain health benefits. It may have a neuroprotective mechanism that prevents neurodegenerative disease [10]. This again ties closely to combat sports and the need to prevent brain damage.

              Other studies show potential alleviation of symptoms in people with depression, Alzheimer's, or other pathological conditions [11].

              How To Pick The Best Creatine For Men

              Creatine For Men


              Purity is the most important quality of a creatine supplement. Since most creatine supplements are not complete formulations of multiple ingredients but only creatine, the quality of it is essential.

              All products worth your money should have proof of third-party testing and some form of mark or a certificate.

              Things to look for are CoA, Informed Choice, or Sports tick, or at least an assurance from the manufacturer of third-party testing.

              The purest type of creatine, Creapure, has been tested and found to contain 99.9% creatine monohydrate. This is why I mostly use Lift Big Eat Big creatine, but all of the other options on this list are perfectly fine.


              In most cases, creatine monohydrate is the only type of creatine worth considering.

              It has been available for decades and has become the most thoroughly tested supplement ever.

              All aspects and scenarios have been tested and analyzed, and the positive and negative effects are well known.

              But this doesn't mean companies won't try to sell you at least a dozen other forms of creatine, marketed as superior in a certain way.

              Unsurprisingly, none of the allegedly unique varieties has been discovered to work better than monohydrate [12].

              Creatine HCL is the only other type worth mentioning. The effects are not better than those of monohydrate, and many of the claims surrounding it are not true, but what is positive about it is that it has much better solubility, and some people find it bloats their stomachs less.

              Powder vs. Capsules vs. Gummies

              While capsules offer portability, they are more expensive for daily use. To achieve the recommended dosage of 3-5 grams, one must swallow multiple capsules, which can be costly and unpleasant.

              Daily use of powder is the most practical and economical option. It costs less, and each pouch has an extended shelf life.

              By combining it with a drink, the recommended amount can easily be consumed in a single serving.

              Gummies contain additional ingredients like sugar or other sweeteners, are more expensive, and require a greater quantity to fulfill the recommended daily dose.

              They are generally considered suboptimal. However, some products, such as Novomins, a convenient and delicious method of consuming creatine, address most of these concerns.


              In addition to being super effective, creatine is also reasonably priced. Buying unflavored creatine in larger containers is affordable even for a student's budget, costing around $0.20-0.30 per serving.

              Even the Creapure type in LBEB costs less than a dollar per serving.

              The more expensive options always contain additional ingredients and flavoring agents.

              Although they may be beneficial and tasty, if you are on a tight budget, go for a simple creatine supplement to deliver the expected benefits. Both Nutricost and Bulk supplements are excellent, cost-effective choices.

              Are There Potential Creatine Side Effects For Men?

              Best Creatine For Males

              I cannot hide my annoyance at the many misconceptions still surrounding creatine.

              After decades of studies, anecdotal evidence, and abundant available information, one would think the myths about creatine's side effects should be buried, but they aren't.

              Creatine has been said to cause muscle cramps and dehydration, which is complete nonsense. Muscle cramps are a multifactorial problem and have nothing to do with creatine.

              Other effects wrongly attributed to creatine include constipation, hair loss, and headaches. None of them has any evidence of a connection with creatine.

              The two real side effects of creatine are bloating and stomach discomfort. However, these happen only if you undergo a loading period and take 20 g of creatine per day to saturate the muscles quickly.

              You may also gain some weight during this time due to water retention, but this effect is normal and only temporary. 

              How To Take Creatine For Men

              If you're new to creatine and wondering how to get started, there are two options: with or without a loading period. Your choice should be based on how quickly you want to see results.

              The loading procedure involves taking 20 grams of creatine every day for the first six days.

              This is typically done in little doses throughout the day to make it easier on the stomach. Following this period, consume 3-5 grams daily to maintain a high muscle creatine level [13].

              If you aren't in a rush, I recommend the non-loading option to most people. Simply take 3-5 grams of creatine every day. In about a month, you will reach optimal creatine saturation and have the full benefits [13].

              Best Time To Take Creatine For Men

              The existing data presents some contradictions about when to take creatine in the day. There are studies investigating taking creatine before and after a workout, but the evidence of which is better is inconclusive.

              The most important part is taking creatine daily, even on rest days. This will ensure maximal muscle saturation with creatine and, in turn, optimal effects. Simply build a convenient daily habit according to your routine.

              Frequently Asked Creatine For Men Questions

              What Type Of Creatine Is Best?

              Monohydrate is the most effective, cheap, readily available, and researched type of creatine. No other form has been found to work better, but most are more expensive and certainly less studied.

              What Is The Most Effective Creatine Intake?

              The optimal creatine intake is 3-5 grams daily or around 14 mg per pound of body weight. This is what is required to maintain optimal muscle stores.

              Is It OK To Take Creatine Every Day?

              It's not only okay, but recommended that you take creatine every day. Since creatine in the muscles is depleted and the quantities in food are not enough, the optimal way of taking creatine is daily, even on rest days.

              What Happens When You Stop Taking Creatine?

              When you stop taking creatine, the body resumes its natural production, which is less than what you're taking as supplementation. As the muscle stores are depleted, you may experience a gradual decline in strength and endurance, less energy, and potentially lose muscle mass.

              However, these effects are not significant and are something to fear. Your gains won't magically disappear if you stop taking creatine, but you will likely experience a slight decline in performance, which was promoted by creatine.

              Is Creatine Best Before Or After A Workout?

              There is no consensus on when is the best time to take creatine. What's important is to take it every day at a time most convenient to you so it becomes a habit.


              I endorse the Lift Big Eat Big creatine because it uses the purest form of creatine and has no other ingredients. This makes it perfect for my post-workout shake and optimal results. But every other option on this list is good for a reason.

              Nutricost and Bulk Supplements cater to budget-conscious individuals, while Legion Recharge and Transparent Labs add additional ingredients to boost gym results. Kaged is for those who want to try a novel type of creatine, while Novomins are perfect for those who fondly remember eating gummies as kids.

              ===>Check Latest Lift Big Eat Big Creatine Deals<===


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