Jaw Exerciser

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Avoid pain and dislocating your jaws by exercising with our  Jaw Exerciser. You may experience pain and discomfort in your jaws after your training exercises & matches. 

You can avoid this by helping your jawbones and muscles get the strength they need. The  Jaw Exerciser is the perfect tool to help you get that! This best-selling product helps activate and strengthen 57 facial muscles - no wonder our customers love it!

The amazing Jaw Exerciser comes in three different colors with different resistance levels: 

  1. Blue - 20lb Resistance
  2. Purple - 40lb Resistance
  3. Black - 50lb Resistance

Start from the Blue Jaw Exerciser and work your way up to Black!

 Features and Benefits: 

  • Strengthening your jaw to hold it in place during contact sports
  • Strengthening muscles on neck and chin to help resist the force of the punch and decrease the risk of injury in fighting sports.
  • Slim and tone the face for a defined profile at various angles
  • Relieve stress and tension in the mouth and face
  • Comes in different colors: Blue, Purple, Black
  • Made from high-quality silica gel materials. 


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