Cork Massage Roller

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Working out and training can take a tremendous strain on your muscles. This is why our eco-friendly Cork Massage Roller should be a part of your routine! 

This awesome tool stretches and rehabilitates your muscles. Use it to massage your muscles, help it relax, relieve soreness, and increase body coordination. 

The Cork Massage Roller is perfect for beginners and professional athletes alike. Feel your muscles become lighter immediately. It also makes for a great gift!

Features & Benefits

  • MULTI-PURPOSE MASSAGER – Use for: muscle recovery, trigger point therapy, alleviate stress, self-release, yoga, cross-fit, reflexology and more.
  • Easy to use -Simply lean on the massage roller and use your weight and gravity to slowly massage your shoulders, neck, back, feet, muscles and joints to relieve muscle knots and tension. The official size and weight make it perfect for lacrosse practice.
  • Soft-touch velvet finish; This makes it feel luxuriously smooth and silky against your skin while maintaining firm, effective massages.
  • Natural and clean: 100% NATURAL CORK – non-toxic and eco-friendly and made from real cork.
  • Massage anywhere—Lightweight and portable.


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