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Verbal Tap Podcast

Kevin Phillips

Kevin is a comedian, podcaster, and broadcast commentator for live grappling events.  He's based out of Denver and has two google alerts: MMA & Pirate Submarines. That should cover him.

Raf Esparza

For the past eight years, Raf Esparza has served as a co-creator and co-host of the Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast, the longest-running weekly topical BJJ podcast.  He also serves as the host and executive producer of The Grappling Hour, the only interview series to utilize a variety series format.  In addition to his work as a host, Raf provides coverage for combat sporting events, ranging from the UFC to GLORY Kickboxing.  Raf has also served as a broadcast commentator for a number of prominent pro grappling events (BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix, Subversiv, Abu Dhabi Grand Slam).