Customer Service Representative Tasks – XMARTIAL

Customer Service Representative Tasks

Before you start working on the tasks, read them and check out our website and our Facebook.

1. Please write an answer for an email from a customer:

“I just received my spats and I will be unable to use them for BJJ. There is no strength to the fabric, especially around the waistband, and they would simply get pulled down very easily on the matt. I'm disappointed with the quality of this item compared to spats I've bought from other suppliers. Reading your returns and refunds policy feels confusing. It looks like I am unable to return a sale item and I need to ship to Canada. Can you please confirm how I can return this item in the UK?"

2. Describe in fewer than 75 words a hobby or topic you’re deeply interested in. Explain it to me as if I know nothing about it.

Complete the tasks, upload and submit them as well as updated CV

Please be aware that incomplete applications will not be considered.

We look forward for your application.

Thank you!