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XMARTIAL is proud to carry top rated women combat gear featuring unique designs to complement your personality so you can perform in style. Shop women BJJ Rash Guards, Women BJJ Shorts and Spats as well as Women Muay Thai Shorts and Women Boxing Gloves with confidence. One Year Warranty on all items and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Women’s rash guards are narrower in the arm and shoulder area, as well as the waist, to naturally complement your body and femininity. Having a floppy and baggy rash guard isn’t convenient especially when training in BJJ and other grappling sports, and ill-advised for women and men alike. However, you should also look great when you train. And therefore, we want to provide you a great training experience with less masculinity and aggressiveness.

XMARTIAL women’s BJJ shorts and spats compliment our rashguard collections, and many times you’ll find your desired item in a bundle deal with a top. Here again, our women’s spats are designed especially for women while keeping the same standards of quality. There’s no need for you to wear the same apparel as your male training buddies, and their MMA shorts might fit you in size, but not in style.

You’ll also find great Muay Thai gear for women - boxing gloves with a smaller hand compartment, and Muay Thai shorts in pink, violet, and more “feminine” colors. Keep in mind that you can also shop for normal Muay Thai shorts if you’re looking for more traditional colors, as the fitting of these shorts is Unisex. 

We are constantly working hard on improving our women’s Jiu-Jitsu collection to add more items you’d like to buy. We also offer customized women’s MMA and BJJ gear, if you have a design of your own in mind. Please feel free to contact us if there’s a missing item in our collection, and we’ll do our best to add it quickly.