Master Ken ARSTG BJJ Rash Guard

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no gi bjj gear
no gi bjj gear

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ANTI-SLIP GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: Interior gel panel in the bottom of the rash guard to provide extra grip preventing the rash guard from riding up while training. 

Master Ken ARSTG BJJ Rash Guard How does a wise man get to be so wise? Probably because he’s made more than a few self-correcting errors. Mistakes lead to lessons, lessons lead to learning, learning to knowledge, knowledge to wisdom. When we can reasonably weigh the consequence of a given action in a particular situation, we can choose the proper course of action. If we’ve already chosen the wrong course of action in the past, we can eliminate that from the process. We can make a wise choice based on previous bad judgment. You only touch a hot stove once. In short, old and dumb equals luck. Old and wise? Well, that’s a series of failures that didn’t kill you. And from those, you learned. Wisdom is more than the gathering of knowledge, it’s the application of that knowledge that matters.

  • Made with high-quality broadcloth polyester material
  • Fully sublimated graphics for maximum comfort and durability
  • Maintains body temperature on hot and cool days
  • Compression technology improves your blood circulation to the muscles and speeds up your recovery time 



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