Top 10 Gear every Muay Thai fighter Should Own

Top 10 Gear every Muay Thai fighter Should Own

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If we are honest with ourselves, who doesn't want to have heavy elbows, flying knees, and punch combos thrown at them on a semi regular basis? If getting battered and bruised is up your street, then Muay Thai may be your drug of choice.

If you are new to the sport, there are a few items that you will want to know about in order to prepare for your journey into the sport. We’ve prepared a list of top 10 muay thai gear or equipment, you need in order to succeed in Muay Thai.

Top 10 Muay Thai gear for you, right here, right now. Buckle up!

Gear Number 1: Kick ass pair of Muay Thai shorts

Leopard printed Muay Thai shortsBlack tiger printed Muay thai shortsXmartial Boho Muay Thai Shorts

When you first strut your bad self into that Muay Thai training center, you absolutely have to make an impact. The veterans of that establishment need to know that you mean business, and the first thing people are going to see will be your shorts.

If you want your future teammates to take your Muay Thai endeavors seriously, you have to rock up like you own the place. Not only will the right pair of shorts make you look cooler than a winter cucumber, they will also need to be comfortable, strong and durable to stand up to the rigors of training.

Luckily XMartial has you covered. Muay Thai gear always starts with the shorts. 

There are a few things that separate the best muay thai shorts from the average ones:

  1. An anti-slip gel panel for added grip and comfort and an inside drawstring plus velcro waistband will help secure the shorts. 
  2. Moist wicking technology will keep the sweat away from the material. 
  3. You also need a quality breathable fabric that can withstand the toughest of conditions. 

Gear Number 2: Muay Thai Gloves


You are going to want to invest in your own pair of killer muay thai gloves, a very important item of muay thai gear. Unless you want to share the old, used and abused, smelly and sweaty gym gloves that have been laying around since the dawn of time and worn by a few hundred muay thai amateurs along the way, then your own pair is a must. 

Hygiene alone is enough reason to get yourself your muay thai gloves for your fighting journey.

Things to look out for when searching for your own pair of muay thai gloves;

  • Made from high-quality premium PU leather materials making it durable and resilient
  • Achieve maximum breathability and comfort thanks to its full mesh palm features 
  • Provides a secure fit that maintains protection and comfort for a variety of striking angles
  • Shock protecting foam to make these gloves reliable for greater safety.
  • The secure wrap strap closing supports your wrist from twisting and provides a good grip for an efficient training/ workout session.
  • Ideal for sparring & punch bag training. 
  • Size matters a lot if you want to pack a punch for any size, here’s a guide with the best weights for Muay Thai Gloves.

Something like this will do the trick.

Gear Number 3: Muay Thai Mouth Guard


For those of you who have a beautiful smile and a set of teeth that keep your dentist happy, then a mouth guard is a piece of must have muay thai gear. 

Eating a flying knee is not a good staple diet if you are unprotected in the mouth department. 

A mouth guard will ensure that your gnashers are untarnished by the barrage of fists, knees and elbows that will be coming your way. 

A cheap investment that pays for itself compared to the mountain of dental bills you could face without this very necessary piece of muay thai equipment.

  • Protection for everybody; whether you're using it for BJJ, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, UFC, the Combat Sports Mouthguard will provide you with the ultimate protection.
  • Dual-core doubles its shock control
  • Protective EVA frame sends shocks to your toughest tissues
  • Adjusts to your jaw for the ultimate gel fit

Gear Number 4: Muay Thai Hand Wraps


The hand consists of 27 bones, all of which are subject to injury if you do not properly wrap your hands. A good set of hand wraps is an inexpensive, but essential piece of muay thai gear. Invest in a quality pair of wraps for longevity and durability. You will also need to know how to correctly wrap your hands in order to prevent injury.

Important things to look out for when buying hand wraps;

  • Material: Cotton & Polyester
  • Length: 5M
  • Package includes one pair of boxing hand wraps and one polybag
  • Easy wrapping: Hook & Loop Closure helps you to easily wrap your hands and solidly hold the position.
  • Breathable and Fast Drying: Moisture can, and will, ruin hand wraps. Our polyester material keeps your hands cooler during training and your wraps will dry faster until you can get them washed
  • Designed to Endure: Our 180" wraps are semi-elastic and highly durable, so they won’t come to lose just from putting on your gloves. They’ll also retain their shape better over time
  • Ideal for professionals or beginners for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and MMA.
  • Breathable fabric provides soft tissue support without heat retention
  • Easy to wear, suitable for any sport. The lightweight design is ideal for extended use
  • Ideal for strains or contusions to the quadriceps, hamstring, or groin muscles.
  • Improve Your Knee or Ankle Joint Stability, Mobility, and Circulation.


Gear Number 5: Muay Thai Shin Guard


Shin guards are an essential in Muay Thai. The shins will be well protected with a high quality shin guard, reducing the likelihood of injury. Due to the high number of kicks in the sport, you will want to take good care of your shins, especially when sparring. Quality is something that should not be overlooked in this department. A good shin guard will also cover the top of the foot and the instep for added protection.

  • It is made of thickened latex liner, high shock absorption, rebound suction, explosion-proof PU leather, and non-slip and breathable lining
  • The latex liner and additional padding enhance shock absorption at the junction of tibia and instep.
  • The soft elastic straps on the feet fit tightly and comfortably, allowing you to move freely during exercise.
  • The buckle is widened to 7CM to protect the calf and is comfortable to wear.

Gear Number 6: Namman Muay or Boxing Oil

Namman muay, also known as boxing oil, is a great piece of muay thai equipment to have in your gym bag. This menthol based anti inflammatory oil that can be applied to the muscles. It is also a pain reliever so after a long hard session in the gym it is the perfect remedy. The oil has a nice hot and cold effect that produces a slight numbing sensation when applied to the muscles.

The presence of Methyl Salicylate in Namman Muay helps in providing relief for worn-out muscles while enhancing recovery when used in combination with massages. The warm-cool feeling also offers a soothing relief for pain and soreness


Gear Number 7: Muay Thai Headgear


A very important piece of Muay Thai gear is the headgear. When you are training and sparring you want to protect your most important part of your body, your head. Our recommendation is the Blue Spartan Muay Thai headgear. Highly durable and sweat resistant, made from quality materials that are designed to last.

With impact durable shock foam with full face protection and added chin padding. Lightweight and stylish, the Blue Spartan is one of the industry standard options that will keep you well protected even the most during sparring and training sessions.

Gear Number 8: Groin Guard




This is one for the guys. If you want to keep your crown jewels in one piece, then a groin guard is the must have piece of Muay Thai equipment that will protect your own equipment.

All guys out there know what a blow to the groin can do. It will crumble a big, strong man to his knees in an instant. A solid groin guard will give you the best protection against a stray punch or kick to the nether zone.

The Ultra Pro Groin Protector by XMartial will give you that piece of mind and deflect danger away from your biggest bodily weakness.

  • Material: Expertly crafted using a PU leather shell and comfortable padding.
  • Soft and breathable spandex net cloth provides additional comfort and support
  • Lacking edge with engineering plastic and emulsion designed to shield and transfer shock away from areas where protection is most crucial.
  • Furnished with an elastic waistband to supply the perfect fit for each individual’s size and preference. Fitting securely around your waist, it provides the protection you need without compromising on comfort.
  • Meticulous turn lines will never make you uncomfortable.
  • Whether you’re engaged in boxing, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, kickboxing or another sparring session, you can keep yourself protected without limiting your mobility.

Gear Number 9: Muay Thai Training Pads


Muay Thai pads are an absolute must for the budding martial artists. Finely tune your kicking game with a decent pair of pads. A good quality muay thai pad will have a handle, a fixed strap, and an adjustment band on the rear side of the pad.

Kicking a good Muay Thai pad is an extremely satisfying feeling during your training session, the cracking sound of skin on leather is one of the great little things in the gym, and a strong, accurate kick, landed sweetly on a pad is a thing of beauty. It is very important to invest in a quality product that is durable over time, because this is a product that will take a hell of a beating. Look for pads with the following;

  • Made from premium quality PU & foam materials
  • Includes 2 pieces kick pad 
  • Dense foam padding for maximum protection and shock absorption
  • Lightweight and provides maximum comfort
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Arc design improves comfort and protection
  • Wrist thickened to alleviate and protect the wrist
  • Breathable mesh, and effective in heat dissipation
  • The Sponge liner has anti-shock soft and good resilience that can resist tear
  • This is also very easy to clean

Check out our Video review for our best shorts:


Gear Number 10: Will Power 

This is technically not a piece of Muay Thai equipment, nor is it Muay Thai Gear, but it may be the most important thing of all. Muay thai is a tough sport, where blood, sweat and tears are shed.

Muay thai can be brutal and bloody, and for that reason, your willpower is vital. You have to stick it out, through thick and thin, through the rough sessions and the tough sparring. You will have days where you wake up and muscles you didn’t even know you had will be aching. It is in those tough times that champions are made. Your willpower, drive, and motivation are what will keep you going, and keep you coming back to the gym, through rain and snow.


In Muay thai is no walk in the park, but it is an extremely rewarding hobby and a life saving skill to have. So, here at Xmartial, we wish you the best, and in us, you have a training partner for life. Peace out fellow warriors. 


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