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Underwhelmed By Golden Revive Plus (2024 Experienced Review)

Dealing with persistent joint pain and inflammation can be a real drag, right? You're not alone—many people face these daily...

Dealing with persistent joint pain and inflammation can be a real drag, right? You're not alone—many people face these daily struggles that impact their quality of life. That's where Golden Revive Plus comes in—this supplement, crafted by Drs. Josh and Amanda Levitt promise an all-in-one solution for joint discomfort.

Golden Revive Plus combines six powerful ingredients, turmeric, Boswellia, and bromelain, each known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

But the real question is, do these ingredients work better together?

I'll dig into the science behind this blend and see if it lives up to its claims of providing natural and advanced relief support.


  • All six ingredients are medically backed.
  • Has the potential to reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  • Increases joint flexibility and reduces stiffness.
  • Side effects are very rare.
  • Affordable price.


  • Underdosed on most ingredients.
  • Misses some key joint health ingredients.

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Quick Verdict

I experienced small improvements in joint pain taking Golden Revive Plus. But with the underdosed ingredients and missing ingredients, it wasn't a significant decrease compared to other joint supplements.

FlexAgain is my #1 choice which is my go-to choice for joint pain relief. It has 11 clinically backed and adequately dosed ingredients with a money back guarantee.

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Who Makes Golden Revive Plus

Golden Revive Plus is a product from UpWellness, founded by Dr. Josh Levitt and his wife, Dr. Amanda Levitt.

UpWellness specializes in creating supplements and wellness products that focus on improving health through natural ingredients. The company's philosophy revolves around the idea that natural remedies, when used correctly, can significantly enhance an individual's overall health and well-being.

Golden Revive Plus is crafted with a range of active ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and joint-supporting properties, such as Turmeric, Boswellia Serrata, and Magnesium.

Their reputation is built on creating products that blend the wisdom of traditional medicine with contemporary science to offer accessible and practical wellness options.

Golden Revive Plus Ingredients

Turmeric (333 mg)

Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, largely thanks to its active compound, curcumin. Curcumin can help lessen joint inflammation, a common culprit behind arthritis and related conditions.

But there's a catch: curcumin makes up less than 10% of turmeric, which means you'd need a lot of turmeric to meet the 500 mg of curcumin extract recommended for alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis [1].

While evidence suggests curcumin can ease joint discomfort, the 333 mg dose of turmeric in Golden Revive Plus doesn't quite match up to the therapeutic levels used in clinical studies. This shortfall might explain why I didn't notice a significant improvement in my joint symptoms.

Boswellia (333 mg)

Next up, Boswellia, derived from the Boswellia serrata tree, has been traditionally used for joint and muscle health. Modern science backs this up, noting that Boswellia is rich in boswellic acids, which exhibit strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Boswellia can help reduce arthritis-related pain, swelling, and stiffness, potentially even fostering collagen production for healthier cartilage [2].

This dosage is slightly higher than many standard servings used in research, which usually range between 100 and 200 mg.

I noticed some relief in joint stiffness, similar to the effects noted in studies where participants took Boswellia orally or used it topically for about eight weeks.

Bromelain (167 mg)

Bromelain is an enzyme mix derived from pineapples that has been suggested to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Although the exact working mechanisms are somewhat elusive, it's believed to combat pain and inflammation quite well.

The 167 mg dose in this supplement didn't pack the punch expected from broader research, which typically recommends around 500 mg for notable effects [3].

Quercetin (167 mg)

Quercetin, a flavonoid found in various fruits and vegetables like onions and apples, also offers anti-inflammatory benefits [4].

However, studies show that therapeutic effects often require around 500 mg or more. At 167 mg, the quercetin in Golden Revive Plus is below this threshold, and I observed only slight improvements in inflammation-related symptoms.

Magnesium (67 mg)

Magnesium is essential in many bodily functions, including muscle contractions and bone health. About 60% of your body's magnesium is found in bones and teeth, and it's crucial for relieving muscle tension, which indirectly impacts joint pain [5].

Most studies on magnesium for joint pain use around 300 mg or more, so the 67 mg in Golden Revive Plus might be insufficient for substantial relief. I didn't feel a significant difference, likely due to this lower dosage.

Piperine (7 mg)

Piperine, the active component of black pepper, is typically included to enhance the bioavailability of other ingredients like curcumin. Essentially, it helps the body absorb and use these compounds more effectively [6].

Golden Revive Plus includes 7 mg of piperine, aligning with doses used in research.

Though this inclusion theoretically boosts the efficiency of curcumin absorption, the suboptimal levels of curcumin itself mean the benefits are limited.

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Golden Revive Plus Price

When it comes to the pricing of Golden Revive Plus, there are a few options available. The supplement is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for those suffering from joint pain, stiffness, and immobility. Here's a breakdown of the available packages and their current prices on Amazon:

Single Bottle Pack: If you're looking to try Golden Revive Plus, you can start with a single bottle. This 30-day supply (60 capsules) is priced at $40 and includes free shipping within the US. It’s a good option for first-timers who want to see how their body reacts to the formula.

Three Bottle Pack: The three-bottle pack might appeal to those who are more confident or have already experienced benefits from the supplement. This 90-day supply is available at $114, $1.26 per serving. Buying in bulk saves you money and ensures you have a continuous supply without interruption.

Five Bottle Pack: If you're committed to long-term use, the six-bottle pack offers the best value. Each bottle in this 150-day supply costs just $180 or $1.20 per serving. This package maximizes your savings and provides a steady supply for half a year.

Should you choose to commit and get a subscription, the three options go down to $1.20, $1.20, and $1.14 per serving, respectively.

From a cost perspective, Golden Revive Plus seems reasonably priced, considering the blend of ingredients it offers.

While the individual dosages of ingredients like Bromelain and Quercetin are lower than recommended by some studies, the overall formula is crafted to work synergistically.

The pricing strategy encourages longer-term use, which may be beneficial since the effects of such supplements often become more noticeable over an extended period.

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Who Is Golden Revive Plus For

For Those Experiencing Joint Stiffness

If you have ever endured the discomfort of joint stiffness, you know how disruptive it can be. The causes of joint stiffness are varied.

It might be the aftermath of an injury or arise from a more chronic condition like arthritis. Sprains and strains are common culprits, often resulting from intense or repetitive exercise.

Osteoarthritis is another frequent issue, particularly for folks over 45. The pain from osteoarthritis can be particularly problematic when you're moving about, and you might notice increased stiffness after walking.

Finding effective relief is crucial in these situations, and that's where Golden Revive Plus might come in handy. This supplement aims to provide solace by leveraging ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

For Active Individuals

If you love staying active and pushing your physical limits, joint and muscle pain are probably familiar foes.

After a grueling workout, the thought of an ice bath might not be very appealing, but you still crave quick relief for those aching muscles and joints.

Golden Revive Plus could be a fitting option for you. Designed to support joint health and reduce inflammation, this supplement may help you bounce back faster, keeping you ready for your next adventure.

Whether you're into intense sports or just love a good workout, having an extra tool for muscle recovery can make all the difference.

My Personal Experience With Golden Revive Plus

When I first came across Golden Revive Plus, I was intrigued by its promise of providing relief from joint stiffness and muscle pain.

As someone who has struggled with occasional joint pain after intense workouts and a history of minor injuries, I wanted to see if this supplement could offer some real benefits.

The ingredient list was impressive, featuring well-known anti-inflammatory agents like Turmeric and Boswellia. However, I was a bit skeptical about the dosages mentioned: 167mg of bromelain and 190mg of Quercetin seemed significantly lower than what I had read in studies suggesting effective doses typically start at around 500mg.

Magnesium was also on the list, but at 67mg, which is considerably less than the daily recommended intake, let alone a therapeutic dose. Regardless of my doubts, I decided to give it a try.

I started taking Golden Revive Plus consistently for 30 days. One of the first things I noticed was a slight improvement in my overall joint comfort, especially in my knees, which tend to give me the most trouble. While the change wasn't drastic, it was enough to keep me motivated to continue the regimen.

I combined the supplement with a balanced diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods and made sure to stay hydrated, which I believe maximized its effects.

I can't say that all my joint pain vanished overnight, but I did experience a gradual reduction in discomfort

One thing to keep in mind is that individual results can vary. While I noticed some improvements, consider other lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise.

With all this said, if I compare the results I got from Golden Revive Plus with other joint health products, the results are mediocre.

They were better than some more expensive products like Relief Factor and Omega XL, but they left me underwhelmed compared to FlexAgain.

Golden Revive Plus User Reviews

When it comes to health supplements, there's nothing more reassuring than hearing from actual users. Having combed through quite a few customer reviews on Golden Revive Plus, I found some consistent themes and experiences that might help you decide if this product is right for you.

The reviews on the product's official website are only positive, so even if they are from real customers, they do not represent a realistic overall picture. However, the 3000 reviews on Amazon are a much better representation of how users feel about Golden Revive Plus.

Positive Experiences

The positive feedback revolves around the notable reduction in joint pain. Many customers have shared stories of how Golden Revive Plus allowed them to resume activities they thought were off-limits. Some brag about reduced stiffness and improved mobility.

For instance, I read about a retired teacher who, after years of dealing with knee pain, reported being able to go on walks again after just a few weeks of consistent use.

Concerns and Criticism

On the flip side, not everyone has had a magical transformation. Many users express disappointment about the time it takes to see noticeable results.

While many people feel benefits within a few weeks, others find that it can take upwards of a few months. There's a sentiment that patience is key, which can be frustrating for those seeking quick relief.

The price point is also frequently mentioned. A few reviews noted that the cost does not justify the limited effect and time needed to get them.

Mixed Feedback on Ingredient Dosages

Given the blend of ingredients in Golden Revive Plus, there's some debate over the dosages. Bromelain and Quercetin, specifically, are mentioned in reviews as being in lower quantities than what some studies suggest for maximum effectiveness.

However, many customers still notice improvements, highlighting the variability in individual supplement responses.

Side Effects of Golden Revive Plus

While I didn't experience any side effects from using Golden Revive Plus, it’s important to stay informed about the potential side effects related to its ingredients.

Generally, the likelihood of encountering adverse reactions is low, and if they do occur, they will likely be mild. Here's a detailed look at the possible side effects and the ingredients that may cause them.

Digestive Discomfort: One of the ingredients, bromelain, can lead to gastrointestinal problems at higher doses. However, the dosage in Golden Revive Plus is relatively low at 167mg, making it less likely to cause significant digestive issues.

Diarrhea and Nausea: Magnesium, another component, has the potential to cause diarrhea and nausea, but this generally happens at higher doses. Golden Revive Plus contains 67mg of Magnesium, which is unlikely to result in these particular symptoms for most users.

Blood Thinning: Curcumin, found in turmeric and a key ingredient in Golden Revive Plus, has been noted for its blood-thinning properties at high doses. The dosage in this supplement is not high enough to commonly produce this effect, but it’s crucial to exercise caution if you’re already on blood-thinning medication.

Allergic Reactions: Quercetin in Golden Revive Plus may, in rare instances, cause allergic reactions such as headaches and tingling in the arms and legs. Though these symptoms are uncommon, they’re worth noting for individuals who have experienced allergic reactions to supplements before.

Golden Revive Plus Alternatives


FlexAgain tops my list as the best joint supplement. What makes it special is the potent blend of clinically backed ingredients. It includes omega-3s, curcumin, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamins D and K2, bromelain, boswellia, resveratrol, MSM, and a unique gingerol compound.

These components are known for significantly reducing joint stiffness.

FlexAgain doesn’t just stop at including all the vital natural anti-inflammatories. It also provides these critical nutrients for joint health in fully effective dosages. Everything is expertly packed into easy-to-take capsules.

One of the big pluses for me is the money-back guarantee and competitive pricing, making FlexAgain a top choice for those dealing with joint pain. It’s practically a no-risk, highly effective solution.

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Omega XL

Omega XL is another joint supplement that has caught a lot of attention, mainly due to celebrity endorsements like Larry King. It contains natural ingredients such as vitamin E, green-lipped mussels, and a variety of oils and essential fatty acids.

But I have reservations about Omega XL. Most of its ingredients are present in doses that are just too low to effectively support joint health. The proprietary blend format also means we don't know the exact amounts of each ingredient, making it hard to assess its effectiveness.

While some users have reported mild improvements, I personally didn’t notice significant benefits. I didn’t experience any side effects, but the results were underwhelming.

My Omega XL review goes into detail about the formulation and my experiences.

Relief Factor

Relief Factor is another joint supplement that you’ve probably heard about. It’s gaining popularity, particularly for its claims to relieve chronic joint pain and cartilage degeneration.

However, after giving it a go and reviewing its ingredients, I found many of the proven elements are present in doses too low to be truly effective.

While I did experience some mild relief, it came along with stomach discomfort, which was pretty annoying.

Also, Relief Factor is quite expensive, and I came across numerous customer complaints about its efficacy and the company's business practices. So, while it’s popular, it might not be worth the high price and potential side effects.

If you're exploring options for joint support beyond Golden Revive Plus, these alternatives offer a range of ingredients and efficacy. Whether you prioritize clinically-backed formulas, celebrity endorsements, or personal trial experiences, you have choices catering to your specific needs and concerns.

My Relief Factor review goes into detail about the formulation and my experiences.

Final Thoughts

Golden Revive Plus has a lot going for it, with its anti-inflammatory ingredients, positive user experiences, and affordable price. However, my experience with it has been rather underwhelming, and roughly half of the users share the same sentiments.

If you're exploring other options, FlexAgain is perhaps the one to which you should turn your attention. Of course, not everyone reacts the same to supplements, and your results will likely be different from mine, but FlexAgain provides more components and higher doses.

At the end of the day, finding the right joint supplement is a personal journey. Do your research, listen to your body, and choose what feels right for you.

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