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Why I Like Genius Mushrooms (My 2024 Review)

Ever wondered if a supplement could boost your brainpower and energy levels? I recently stumbled upon Genius Mushrooms, a blend...

Ever wondered if a supplement could boost your brainpower and energy levels? I recently stumbled upon Genius Mushrooms, a blend of three powerful mushrooms promising just that. As someone always looking for natural ways to enhance focus and overall well-being, I couldn't resist giving them a try.

In this review, I'll share my experience with Genius Mushrooms, diving into what makes this supplement effective and how it compares to the competition. If you're curious about adding a little extra oomph to your daily routine, stick around.

Quick Verdict

Genius Mushrooms proves to be a solid supplement for anyone seeking a natural boost in cognitive function, energy, and immune support.

It includes three powerhouse mushrooms: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi. Each brings its own set of benefits, making this blend a comprehensive choice for an overall wellness upgrade.

Lion's Mane is adequately dosed and is the most potent of the three mushrooms, which is the main reason this supplement provides some benefits.

The low price and mild positive effects make it worthwhile, but if you want to harness the full power of medicinal mushrooms, products like Nootrum Mushrooms have a higher chance of delivering it.

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Genius Mushrooms Ingredients

The blend of ingredients in Genius Mushrooms is designed to offer a range of health benefits using three powerful types of mushrooms known for their adaptogenic and nootropic properties.

Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extract – 500 mg

Cordyceps sinensis is a fascinating parasitic fungus that has been cherished for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

It’s praised for its wide range of physical and cognitive benefits. Cordyceps is known for enhancing mental clarity and preventing cognitive decline. It's like a little brain booster, helping with everything from brain cell growth to easing headaches.

But it does much more than just boost your brain. This mushroom also combats inflammation, supports heart health, improves physical performance and athletic endurance, and increases natural energy levels.

It's even been linked to enhancing testicular function and aiding conditions like diabetes, liver disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

There’s a bit of a catch, though. Clinical research indicates that you need at least 1,000 mg of Cordyceps sinensis extract daily to see these impressive benefits [1].

With only 500 mg per serving in Genius Mushrooms, you might not get the full range of Cordyceps' potential effects. You'd need to consume more to potentially achieve the desired outcomes, which is something to consider when evaluating this supplement.

Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract – 500 mg

Reishi mushrooms, part of the Ganoderma family, have their roots in East Asia and have been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for ages. Known as the "mushroom of immortality," Reishi has recently gained popularity in Western dietary supplements.

Reishi extract is renowned for its ability to enhance mental clarity and immune function naturally.

It can also provide stress relief, support liver health, improve mood, and help tackle high blood sugar levels and chronic illnesses. It's like having a little health guard working for you.

Here's the hitch—most clinical studies suggest that to reap these benefits fully, you need around 1.44 grams of Reishi mushroom extract daily. In comparison, Genius Mushrooms only offers 500 mg per serving [2].

This means you might not experience the full spectrum of Reishi's health benefits unless you complement it with other sources or adjust your intake accordingly.

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract – 500 mg

Lion’s mane mushrooms are quite the celebrity in the world of medicinal mushrooms. Known for their unique appearance and impressive health benefits, they have been extensively researched and hailed for their therapeutic properties.

When it comes to brain health, Lion's Mane is a true champion. It supports brain function, enhances cognitive performance, boosts brain cell growth, and improves blood flow to the brain. People often turn to Lion's Mane for better concentration, focus, and memory.

But wait, there’s more. This mushroom also boosts immune function, promotes nerve growth, reduces inflammation, and improves aerobic capacity and endurance. It can even help with oxygen utilization, ATP production, and natural energy levels.

The good news is that the 500 mg of Lion's mane mushroom extract in Genius Mushrooms is a dosage high enough to potentially deliver these benefits[3].

So, if brain health and cognitive support are high on your wellness list, this ingredient alone makes Genius Mushrooms worth a shot.

Genius Mushrooms Price

When it comes to the price of Genius Mushrooms, I initially had some mixed feelings. At around $23 for a bottle containing 90 capsules, it might seem a bit steep at first glance.

Each bottle typically lasts about a month if you follow the recommended dosage of three capsules daily. But, after breaking it down and considering the benefits, I found the cost more justifiable.

Committing to a subscription decreases the price further and is the smarter choice for long-term use. Here is what the different price levels look like in table format:

Mushroom supplement

30 servings

60 servings

90 servings

180 servings

Genius Mushrooms

$21.99 (one time) $17.59 (subscription)

$39.99 (one time) $31.99 (subscription)

$61.85 (one time) $49.48 (subscription)

$115.45 (one time) $92.36 (subscription)


Mushroom supplement

30 servings

60 servings

90 servings

180 servings

Genius Mushrooms

$0.73/serving (one time)
$0.59/serving (subscription)

$0.67/ serving (one time)
$0.53/ serving (subscription)

$0.69/ serving (one time)
$0.55/ serving (subscription)

$0.64/ serving (one time)
$0.51/ serving (subscription)


Genius Mushrooms Benefits

When I first heard about Genius Mushrooms, I was intrigued by their promise to enhance focus, energy, and immunity. After trying them out for a month and having a wealth of experience with medicinal mushrooms in general, I can share what the potential benefits you can expect are.

Enhanced Focus

One of the standout benefits is the improved focus. Thanks to Lion’s Mane, a key ingredient in Genius Mushrooms, my mental clarity has noticeably sharpened.

This mushroom is known for its neuroprotective properties, which support cognitive function. On busy workdays, I found myself staying on task more easily and handling mental challenges with fewer struggles.

Boosted Energy Levels

Cordyceps is another critical ingredient that plays a massive role in boosting energy. Initially, I was skeptical about this claim. But, soon after incorporating these mushrooms into my daily routine, I noticed a significant energy lift without the jitters or crashes typically associated with caffeine. Whether hitting the gym or managing day-to-day activities, I had a little more sustained energy than usual.

Strengthened Immunity

Genius brand claims Genius Mushrooms can improve immune function, promote oxygen usage and ATP synthesis, keep you healthy, and even work as a purifying liver cleanse.

Balanced Mood and Well-Being

Beyond the cognitive and physical perks, I experienced an improvement in my overall mood and well-being. This can likely be attributed to Reishi's adaptogenic properties, which help the body cope with stress.

Who Is Genius Mushrooms For?

Genius Mushrooms is an excellent fit for those on a mission to enhance their well-being through natural supplements. Whether aiming to boost brain function, improve energy levels, or fortify the immune system, this product has something to offer.

People Looking to Improve Cognitive Performance

If you're constantly on the grind and need to keep your mental game sharp, Genius Mushrooms could be your new best friend.

Lion’s Mane, one of the main ingredients, is renowned for boosting mental clarity and cognitive function. The Genius brand claims their supplement can enhance mental clarity, focus, and concentration.

These benefits can be a game-changer for anyone dealing with long hours of work or study.

Plus, the added advantage of improved mood and stress relief makes it a solid choice for maintaining overall brain health.

The supplement aims to protect brain cells from damage and help prevent mental decline, which is particularly beneficial if you juggle many daily mental tasks.

Anyone Seeking Immune System Support

Apart from its brain-boosting properties, Genius Mushrooms packs a punch when it comes to immune support.

Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms are known for their immune-boosting capabilities. According to the Genius brand, this supplement can enhance immune function, making it easier for your body to fend off illnesses.

It claims benefits like increased oxygen utilization and ATP production, which are vital for keeping up with physical demands. If you're prone to getting sick or just want that extra layer of defense, this supplement could be helpful.

Also, the potential detoxifying effects can support liver health, adding another layer to your overall wellness strategy.

My Experience With Genius Mushrooms

I have tried my fair share of mushroom supplements, and the combination of ingredients and price was intriguing enough for me to give Genius Mushrooms a go. I was particularly interested in their claims about improving focus, energy, and immune support. Here’s what I found from my personal experience.

I took three capsules of Genius Mushrooms daily, usually in the morning with breakfast. Sticking to this routine was easy.

The capsules are standard size and don’t have an overwhelming taste or odor. Anyone used to taking supplements shouldn't find them challenging to swallow.

Within the first week, I started to notice a difference in my cognitive function. My workdays typically involve a lot of multitasking, which can be mentally draining.

But, I observed that I had greater mental clarity and could concentrate for extended periods without feeling as mentally fatigued as I usually do.

Tasks that normally felt overwhelming became more manageable. I attribute this primarily to the Lion’s Mane component, known for its brain-boosting properties.

I also train a lot and found that the Cordyceps in Genius Mushrooms gave me a noticeable energy boost. My stamina during workouts improved, allowing me to push a little harder and recover faster.

The effect was not groundbreaking, but it is at least strong enough to notice if you are mindful of your body and condition in general.

Perhaps the most noticeable effect was how much calmer and less stressed I felt. The daily grind can sometimes get to me, but taking Genius Mushrooms helped me maintain a balanced mood.

Customer Experience With Genius Mushrooms

Genius Mushrooms now has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating based on Amazon reviews from consumers who have verified a purchase of the Genius mushroom supplement, making it appear to be a decent mushroom nootropic supplement on the surface.

The positive reviews of Genius Mushrooms note that it is reasonably priced. It can relieve some anxiety and stress while also helping improve mood, combat brain fog, assist memory, and naturally boost mental clarity, immune function, and energy levels.

However, a deeper look finds that even these positive reviews claim the advantages are minor, and the results could be obtained simply by ingesting Lion's Mane mushrooms alone.

When we examine the unfavorable reviews of Genius Mushrooms, we see that it does not provide significant brain or immunological support, has huge capsules and doses, and causes a few adverse effects.

Genius Mushrooms Side Effects

From my experience and research, Genius Mushrooms are generally well-tolerated by most users.

But like any supplement, it has potential side effects. It's important to be aware of these to make a well-informed choice about whether this product is right for you.

Digestive Issues

Some users report mild digestive upset when they first start taking Genius Mushrooms. This can include symptoms like stomach cramps, bloating, or diarrhea. It's pretty common with any new supplement as your body adjusts. I usually recommend starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it to give your digestive system time to adapt.

Allergic Reactions

Though rare, allergic reactions can occur. Mushrooms are fungi, and some individuals might have sensitivities to them. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing. If you notice any of these signs, it's crucial to discontinue use immediately and consult with a healthcare professional.

Sleep Disturbances

Reishi mushrooms are known for their calming properties, but they might have the opposite effect for some users. A few people have reported increased vivid dreams or difficulty sleeping. This is not widespread, but it's something to keep in mind if you're sensitive to sleep cycle changes.

Blood Sugar Levels

Cordyceps, one of the primary mushrooms in this blend, can influence blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes or issues with blood sugar, it's essential to monitor your levels closely.

I would advise talking with a healthcare professional before starting Genius Mushrooms to ensure it won't interfere with any of your current medications or conditions.

Possible Interactions

Genius Mushrooms might interact with other medications or supplements. For instance, some evidence suggests that they could potentially enhance the effects of blood thinners.

Always consult with a healthcare provider if you're on medication to ensure there won't be any adverse interactions.

Immune System Effects

While the supplement is designed to boost the immune system, there's some concern that it might over-stimulate it in certain individuals.

If you have a condition that affects your immune system, such as an autoimmune disease, it's important to seek medical advice before incorporating Genius Mushrooms into your routine.

Genius Mushrooms Alternatives

Several other noteworthy supplements come to mind when searching for alternatives to Genius Mushrooms. Each offers unique benefits and could be a suitable option depending on individual needs and preferences.

Nootrum Mushrooms

Nootrum Mushrooms is my top pick for a nootropic mushroom supplement. It's packed with cordyceps sinensis, Lion's Mane, and Reishi mushrooms in dosages that can deliver all the benefits Genius Mushrooms promises.

Also, it includes a solid mix of other proven natural ingredients. This makes it an outstanding option for those looking to boost oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity, ATP production, athletic endurance, and natural energy.

One of the things I appreciate about Nootrum Mushrooms is its comprehensive formula.

The blend is designed not only for cognitive enhancement but also for overall vitality—perfect for those with active lifestyles. For a deeper dive, you can check out my Nootrum review.

Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus takes a slightly different approach as a brain supplement. It’s on the pricier side and uses only Lion’s mane mushroom. But, it more than compensates with a substantial list of ingredients known to enhance cognitive function—think ginkgo biloba and others.

I find Hunter Focus appealing to people who aim to sharpen their cognitive abilities. The supplement's caffeine content is a bonus, offering a subtle boost to mental and athletic performance.

While it may not be as mushroom-centric as other options, its thorough ingredient list makes it a robust contender. For more insights, feel free to read my detailed Hunter Focus review.

Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder

Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder could be a solid choice if you're into versatility and convenience.

This powder combines seven different mushrooms: Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and Chaga. The variety ensures a broad spectrum of benefits, from cognitive support and immunity defense to stress reduction and overall well-being.

It's nice that you can incorporate Sacred 7 into different recipes—smoothies, coffee, or even soups—making it a flexible addition to your daily routine.

The taste is quite manageable, and it blends well without any grittiness. This is an ideal option for those who prefer a powder form over capsules or tablets, maximizing their mushroom intake in creative ways.

You can read my in-depth breakdown in my Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder review.


Genius Mushrooms offer a solid boost in focus energy and immunity thanks to their powerful blend of Lion’s Mane Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms. My experience and others' feedback show some improvements in cognitive performance and overall well-being.

However, the low dosages of two of the three ingredients lack the potential to deliver the full scope of the mushroom's possible advantages. At the same time, the affordable price makes it a worthwhile purchase for those looking to optimize their health on a tighter budget.

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